New Projects Page, Convert Chat Message to Task, Webhooks Improvements

New Projects Page, Convert Chat Message to Task, Webhooks Improvements

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the October edition of our monthly updates. In our previous post, we had some exciting news. The new&improved projects page was delivered to our Early Access Program users, the in-app Chat was enriched with reactions and email notifications, and company-wide days off were implemented in the mobile app. This month, we'll talk about:

New Projects page

In mid-October, all our users got the new Projects page. You can read all about the changes we've made here. They include: a more organized look overall, new filtering options, grouping as well as collapsing and expanding lists, better sorting, and a more accessible label changing.

Since then, we've added the option to sort by a project's progress, meaning you'll have an overview of all your projects' completion percentages. Hover over the progress bar, and you'll see the number of open, completed, and total tasks.

We're also working on filtering options for completed projects, but more on this topic next month.

In-app Chat: updates

After implementing reactions, our Chat is gaining more and more options to play with. Now, you can @mention people and entire teams within a conversation!

If you're in a fuss and have received important messages that you just can't deal with at the moment, you can mark them as unread, so they don't slip away in a stream of information.

But the most interesting feature we're presenting this month is creating tasks out of chat messages! Select one or as many messages as you like and transform them into a task. They will become the body of the task, while any files or photos will be turned into attachments. We hope you'll find these new features useful!


We've been updating how webhooks are handled, as some of our customers use webhooks to connect ActiveCollab with their internal tools. If you're not familiar with the term, webhooks are how ActiveCollab notifies external systems about important events. For example, when you create a new task, ActiveCollab can tell Zapier to automate various actions like adding a line in Google Sheets.

All works well when end-points that webhooks are sent to operate properly and receive and process webhook payloads in a reasonable time. But sometimes, these end-points get deleted, disabled, broken, or slowed down. So, if we expect the delivery system to run smoothly, it needs to be pretty defensive, and ActiveCollab now has two main defensive measures: delivery priority reduction and webhook disabling if the webhook is not working properly for a prolonged period of time.


Our uptime in October has been 99.87%, as we've had a short outage due to network issues. Make sure you follow us on Twitter and contact us via email if necessary when you notice something's not right!

Coming up

Improvements on all fronts. The Projects page will be additionally refined, the in-app Chat and the mobile app enriched with more options. Don't hesitate to give us your feedback, and stay tuned for more updates!