Jul 7, 2022 Recaps

Default Tax Rates, Invoice Taxes, Comment Time&Date

Default Tax Rates, Invoice Taxes, Comment Time&Date

Hi everyone,

Summer has arrived, and so has the new edition of ActiveCollab's monthly recaps! Last month, we talked about some changes we made to the Project page and a new way to log into the mobile app. This month, we'll talk about taxes, comments, and a big surprise we have in store!

Default tax rate

We've made it possible to skip one step when creating invoices. How? Through default tax rates! You can now set them on a system level, as well as for each company.

So, when you create an invoice, the tax rate you set as default will appear automatically. One less thing to worry about!

Naturally, if you want your invoice to tax a different percentage than the one the system suggested, it's easy to change it in the invoice quickly.

Comment timestamp

This change is a simple one to notice. From now on, you'll see the full date and time of a comment's posting instead of "17 hours ago" or "3 days ago". It's a request we got from some of our users, prompting us to tell you to let us know what would make your work process even more efficient!

A brand new version

We're very excited to announce we're working on ActiveCollab 8.0! It will take a while to wrap up and release to all our users, so we're keen on letting you peek behind the curtain while it's in the works. These monthly updates will keep you updated on the progress we've made, even though you won't be able to access the new version until its release.


In June, ActiveCollab's uptime was 99.95%. Thank you for letting us know whenever you notice the app is slower or down! You can contact our Support Team whenever you need to via email or Twitter.

Coming up

A new feature will be added to the availability records, and we'll keep working on ActiveCollab 8.0. The former will be released to all users, while the latter will be reserved for the new version's release. Enjoy the summer!

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