ActiveCollab Monthly Updates: May

ActiveCollab Monthly Updates: May

Hello everyone,

Welcome to our latest monthly recap! We'll be talking about what progress we've made with our features throughout the month, as well as where our focus will be during June. In April, we had a couple of interesting improvements: default client visibility, project names within the Stopwatch, and the first look of our in-app Chat. We also announced we'd be working on improving the Chat feature, and that's mostly what we'll talk about. Also, we'll mention reminders and the Projects page.

In-app Chat

If you haven't applied for our Early Access Program yet, we're inviting you to the party! Contact us, and contribute to the development of our new feature. During May, we've added these improvements:

  • Sound notifications
  • An indicator of who's typing
  • Better showing of who wrote what in team chats
  • Unread messages indicator

Our in-app Chat is starting to look like a proper and functional messaging feature, and we're also looking forward to switching completely from other chatting apps!

You'll now be able to recognize which messages you haven't read yet, who they are all from (instead of trying to figure out which avatar is who), and you'll be notified of incoming messages - or not if you choose to hit the mute button.

All in all, the feature development is progressing nicely! We're excited to hear your feedback and watch Chat grow further.


Up until now, you could set up a reminder for your tasks and get an email notification. One of our users signaled it would be much more convenient to have an in-app notification instead. So, we've made that possible, and now you'll be reminded within ActiveCollab of important tasks and dates.

Mobile app

We're delighted to announce our new mobile app is ready for Beta testing! Download it for iOS or Android and start collaborating on the go. Visit our help page to find out everything you can do now when you're cruising between the desk and the couch or when you're out and about.


The uptime of our app was 99.96% in May. We strive to keep it as close to 100% as possible. If you ever notice any delays or issues, don't hesitate to let us know!

Coming up

We'll continue working on the in-app Chat, specifically on the ability to create custom group chats. Your feedback means a lot, so feel free to contact us and join the Early Access Program!

The Projects page will get a well-deserved spotlight. Our main goal is to make the page faster and more real-time. We're exploring new ways of filtering and grouping projects, making it easier to navigate and sort all your projects. Got any suggestions? Hit us up @Twitter or via email.