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ActiveCollab is a self-hosted project management software that helps you manage tasks, collaborate, track time, and bill your clients. To get started, try our cloud version. If it meets your needs, you can pay a one-time license fee and use ActiveCollab forever.

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Main screenshot of ActiveCollab self-hosted project management software

Self-hosted ActiveCollab is perfect for companies that want control

Unlimited Feature of ActiveCollab self-hosted project management software

Unlimited everything

Never worry about running out of space, projects, or user seats - there are no limits.

Pricing Feature of ActiveCollab self-hosted project management software

Pay once, use forever

No hidden fees or mandatory subscriptions. Buying is also risk free with our money-back guarantee.

Security Feature of ActiveCollab self-hosted project management software

Up to your security standards

Use your own server and make sure no one can access your sensitive information.

Intranet access Feature of ActiveCollab self-hosted project management software

Restricted access

Make ActiveCollab available only on your company network so it can't be accessed from outside.

Data Privacy Feature of ActiveCollab self-hosted project management software

Own your data

Control where and how your data is stored. The self-hosted version complies with the strictest privacy policies.

Feature Easy install of ActiveCollab self-hosted project management software

Easy install

If you’re tech savvy, setting up ActiveCollab is a breeze. You can also have our support team install it for you.

I've tried like 10 different apps and they were all missing something, but ActiveCollab does everything. I use it in my marketing company because I need an organized system to which I can easily add clients, projects, and tasks. ActiveCollab has it all. Also, the support is great and has helped me figure everything I need.

— Bob Ventura, CEO at WebHorse Marketing

How much will it cost?

Pay once and use forever with unlimited users and storage. Plus, you get one year of support and upgrades for free (which you can optionally renew to get latest updates).

Why buying self-hosted is a good investment?

Because, the bigger your team is, the more money you'll save (compared to using cloud). For example, if you plan to use cloud ActiveCollab with 20 people, you'd pay $99 per month; but if you buy self-hosted, you'll pay $999 once and everything after 10 months is pure value, PLUS you'd be able to invite more people without extra cost.

How big is your team?

Compared to using cloud, self-hosted ActiveCollab will start saving you money
months after you buy it.

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