Product Roadmap

Find out what we’re working on and what new features lie ahead.


ActiveCollab 8.0: Upgraded Expenses Tab

Use the Expenses tab on each project to filter expenses, attach receipts or notes, and make inline and batch edits.

Project Portfolios

Manage your projects by grouping them in portfolios and tracking their progress at a glance.


ActiveCollab 8.0: People Page

Filter people, companies, and teams and sort them by name, company, or role to find what you're looking for in seconds.

ActiveCollab 8.0: Subtask's Due Date

Set a due date for subtasks to never miss an assignment, no matter how minor.

Two-Factor Authentication

Enable Two-Factor Authentication to protect your ActiveCollab account from unauthorized access.

ActiveCollab 8.0: Enhanced In-app Stopwatch

Add notes to your time records while you're tracking hours and set off the Stopwatch more quickly.

ActiveCollab 8.0: Improved Project Timesheet

The Time tab of each project shows summed-up time records and allows time record filtering and inline and batch edits.

ActiveCollab 8.0: Time Tracking Limits

Define the job types each employee can track time for individually and limit the period for adding and editing time records.