Apr 25, 2024 Recaps

ActiveCollab 8.0: Batch Edit Time Records, Early Access Program

ActiveCollab 8.0: Batch Edit Time Records, Early Access Program

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the latest edition of ActiveCollab recaps! Last time, we talked about the Project Timesheet and Stopwatch. In this recap, we’ll discuss batch editing of time records and the progress we’re making in releasing the new version of ActiveCollab to selected users! Keep reading to find out the details.

ActiveCollab 8.0: Batch Edit Time Records

A very requested feature is making its way into ActiveCollab with the new version! Many managers need to do bulk edits to their teams’ time records, which will finally be possible.

Those who need to edit dozens or hundreds of entries at once will save a lot of time as they’ll be able to select as many time records as necessary and change their properties quickly. For example, switching from non-billable to billable or changing the status to “Paid” will take much less time than manually going through every entry. Another example would be changing the assignee or the job type the time record refers to.

If a large number of entries are sitting in the wrong project, you can select them and move them to the right place or delete them if necessary.

Trying Out ActiveCollab 8.0

We’re happy to announce we’ll be inviting more users to join our Early Access Program and gradually expand the list of invitees. We’ve created a shortcut to the new version so those with an Owner role can access it quickly and invite others on board too.

A window with all the new features will pop up so you don’t miss any of them. Of course, we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback and improving ActiveCollab further!


ActiveCollab’s uptime in January was 100%. Let us know via email or X if you notice the app is down or lagging, and we’ll get on it right away. Our Support Team is also always there to help you with any questions about the app and give you helpful tips and tricks!

Coming Up

In February, we’ll be enhancing the People page and Expenses and keep creating the best new version possible! Stay tuned for more ActiveCollab recaps.

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