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You can do it! With ActiveCollab.

Plan and organize your entire work, from start to finish. Communicate and collaborate with your team, other teams in your company, and clients. Track your time, evaluate your progress, and measure the impact your business is making. Always stay within budget and get paid for your work.

Work Management

It's not just about clearing out your desk. Your projects need a system that will support their development, and you need a tool that will help you complete them. Out of the many tools out there, choose one that will give you complete control over your work. ActiveCollab adapts to your business, wherever you and your clients are.

Discover all there is to know about managing your work


Unlimited projects

Unlimited Projects

Create an unlimited number of projects, no matter which plan you choose.

import projects in project management tool.

Import Projects

Don't interrupt your work! Import your projects into ActiveCollab and pick up where you left off.

Import sample projects.

Sample Projects

Start off with our sample projects to see everything you can do and how to organize your projects.

invite team members and clients to your projects.

Invite Teams and Clients

Invite your team members and clients to your projects and start collaborating with them.

project in kanban view mode.

Project View

Choose between Kanban, Gantt, List, or Calendar view to manage your tasks in the best way.

Learn more
project sorting.

Project Sorting

Find the project you're looking for easily. Sort them by the client, category, label, and more.

project filtering


Filter out a large list of projects by their category, client, label or project leader.

mark favorite project with star

Favorite Projects

Star the projects you always need to keep an eye on and locate them quickly every day.

Task List

complete entire task lists.

Complete Task List

No need to tick off one task at a time! Mark an entire list as done in just one click.

duplicate entire task lists.

Duplicate Task List

Automate your process by duplicating task lists instead of creating same tasks multiple times.

move or copy task lists.

Move/Copy to Project

If you're managing more than one similar project at once, move or copy task lists from one to another.


set up due dates for the tasks.

Due Dates

Set up due dates for each task, so everyone knows when it will be completed and organize activities.

assign the tasks.


Assign each task to a team member and let the rest of the team know who's accountable for what.

task labels.


Put only one or dozens of colorful labels on each task to get a gist of what's what at a glance.

add subscribers to tasks


Include all the interested parties on a task, and let them be notified of its progress in real-time.

attach files to tasks.

Attach Files

Upload any type of files to tasks or comments, or attach them from G-Drive and Dropbox.


add subtasks to tasks.


Break down a task into smaller actionable items and check them as done one by one as the accountable person completes them.

assign each subtask.


More people working on one task? Avoid misunderstandings by assigning each subtask to the responsible person.


creating recurring tasks.

Recurring Tasks

You don't have to keep creating the same tasks every day, week, or month. Let the system take over!

add task dependencies.

Task Dependencies

Connect the tasks in a parent-child relationship and never lose sight of what needs to be done first.

edit multiple tasks all at once

Batch Edit

Tedious repetitive work can fly out the window. Select multiple tasks and edit their proprieties all at once.

creating project template.

Project Template

Running similar projects for different clients? Create a project template and save yourself plenty of time.

duplicate tasks.

Duplicate Task

Don't make identical tasks from scratch many times over! Create one and duplicate it many times.

move or copy tasks to other projects

Move/Copy To

A task can be copied or moved to other projects as well, so you don't need to waste time.

zapier integration


Add ActiveCollab to the list of your apps connected to Zapier and automate your work further.

webhooks in ActiveCollab.


Notify 3rd-party services about what's happening in ActiveCollab.

use API in ActiveCollab.


Develop and integrate your own solutions with ActiveCollab.

My Work

daily tasks in ActiveCollab.

My Tasks

Every day a list of tasks assigned to you will be waiting. Find out what you need to work on and when.

getting a daily mail from ActiveCollab.

Daily Email

Get a daily email filled with relevant information, such as who's not there, newly created and completed tasks.

grouping the tasks by their due date.

Group Tasks

Check out what's on your plate each morning. Group the tasks assigned to you by their due date or project.

see your activity in ActiveColab.


If you'd like to retrace your steps and see what you've been up to all day or week, inspect your activity.

personal timesheet.

Personal Timesheet

Track time on projects and tasks, and then review your time records in the personal Timesheet.

setting up a reminder.


Afraid you'll miss a deadline? Set up a reminder on tasks, and you'll be alerted via email and notification.

personal calendar.

Personal Calendar

Organize your meetings, tasks, days, weeks, and months in your very own calendar.


choosing language in ActiveCollab.


Use ActiveCollab in your language! Choose one of the 22 languages available for your interface.


Personalized Workweek

Personalize the beginning of your workweek, workdays, and non-working days.

changing interface theme.


Choose the colors you prefer, or give your eyes a well-deserved rest with the Neon theme.

hiding from client in ActiveCollab.

Hidden From Clients

Clients don't need to watch all your activities. Let them see what they need to and hide the rest.

ActiveCollab notifications.


Get notified in real-time on any device about the progress your team is making with projects.

Team Collaboration

Information tends to get lost in translation easily, creating havoc in team collaboration. Using more than one solution can be costly both financially and because it's fertile ground for scattering important messages and files. Centralize all your communication in one place, and don't let anything slip through the cracks.

Communicate & collaborate better with your team


ActiveCollab in-app chat.

In-App Chat

Ditch all the other apps and exchange messages with your team exactly where work happens.

creating custom groups in chat.

Custom Groups

Communicate with your teams or create custom groups to chat about specific matters of interest.


mentions in comments.


Mention entire teams at once, all the subscribers on a task, or a specific person to get a message across.

collaborate with team and client.

Easy Collaboration

It doesn't matter where your team and clients are located when you can communicate through comments.


convert discussion to task.

Convert to Task

Fire up a discussion, brainstorm ideas, and then turn them into an actionable task quickly.

adding subscribers to discussion.


Invite all the people you need to discuss ideas, share opinions, and exchange files.


organizing notes in ActiveCollab.


Organize your notes by stacking them in collections. Find what you're looking for in no time.

adding comments to notes.


Collaborate with your team and clients by discussing a note through comments.

notes versions.


Write and rewrite notes as many times as you like. You can always review the previous versions of it.

User Roles

managing members.


Invite people, manage your team, control what they can do in ActiveCollab.

member+ user role in ActiveCollab.


Grant additional permissions, such as working with invoices, to some of your team members.

clent+ user role in ActiveCollab.


Give some of your clients more permissions in ActiveCollab, so you can collaborate more closely.

owner user role in ActiveCollab.


Allow certain team members to see and change everything in your ActiveCollab account.

Real-Time Notifications

real-time notifications for new comments.

New Comments

Subscribers will be notified in real-time every time a new comment is posted on tasks, notes, discussions.

real-time browser notifications.

Browser Notifications

Turn your browser notifications on or off, depending on how focused or informed you'd like to be.

real-time notifications when you get mentioned.


Notifications will inform you if someone mentioned you directly, so you react right away.

receive slack notifications from ActiveCollab.

Slack Integration

Receive notifications from your ActiveCollab workspace on a Slack channel.

File Storage

100GB of space for file storage in ActiveCollab.

100 GB

There's plenty of space available for all your files. Upgrade your storage space if you need even more.

store different types of files.

All File Types

Attach and send all types of images, videos, zipped files, documents, spreadsheets, and more.

attach files from Google or Dropbox accounts.

G-Drive & Dropbox

Connect your Google and Dropbox accounts to ActiveCollab and easily share your files with the team.

Time Management

It's hard to charge by the hour when one doesn't know how many hours were spent working on something. ActiveCollab has an integrated Stopwatch that can be set off on a project or a specific task. The uploaded time records can be later used for invoicing clients.

Time track your billable hours to an invoice


project stopwatch

Project Stopwatch

Track the time you spend working on a project as a whole. Pause, unpause, and upload when ready.

stopwatch task

Task Time Tracking

Set off the Stopwatch to track hours and minutes you invest in specific tasks every day.

automatic stopwatch switch

Automatic Switch

Tracking time on multiple tasks across many projects in one day? Switch seamlessly between them.

Team Timesheet

weekly overview team timesheet

Weekly Overview

Get an overview of where your team's time went, week by week.

filter timesheet by team

Filter by Team

Filter out quickly whose time records you'd like to view, choose entire teams or individuals.

team timesheet expand and collapse


Enjoy a bird's-eye view of the whole week, or get nitty-gritty and explore the details of each time record.

Time Reporting

time report filter

Time Report

Filter out time records by project, client, assignee, job type, month, year, and more.

time report estimated tracked time

Estimated vs. Tracked

Compare the estimated vs. tracked time records and find out which task got out of control.

Job Types

internal hourly rates

Internal Hourly Rates

Set up internal hourly rates for each employee. They're independent of those charged to clients.

job type

Job Type

Create job types, appoint them different hourly rates, and then use them when tracking time on tasks.

Resource Management

The vital element of any organization is its people. Making sure no one is fiddling their thumbs or burning out is difficult without an overview of their assignments. Keeping track of days off and sick leave in spreadsheets can be challenging, especially when they need to be synced with milestones and tasks at hand.

Quit burning out, start balancing the workload


daily capacity workload

Daily Capacity

Set up a default daily capacity for all employees or appoint custom daily capacities to each team member.

overtime workload


Keep an eye on who has too much on their plate and has to work over their daily capacity.

drag drop assignments


Easily rearrange tasks from one assignee to another by drag and dropping them around.

bird eye view overview workload

Assignment Overview

Enjoy a bird's-eye view of all assignments, overtime, non-working days, busy bees, and idlers.


days off vacation overview

Days Off

No more additional spreadsheets! Keep track of days off, leaves, and vacations in one place.

date picker availability record

Date Picker

When scheduling a task, you'll know right away if its assignee is available or not at a certain time.

workload availability days off


Vacations and non-working days will appear in Workload, so you'll know who's there, who's not, and when.

sum days off

Days Off Summarized

Throw away the abacus. All the days off are summed up for each employee, year by year.

Team Reporting

task report

Task Report

Create custom reports of all tasks, filter them out, and export them as a CSV file when necessary.

team timeline task report

Team Timeline

Explore the timeline of your team, who's been working on what, when, and for how long.


roles people team members


Appoint different user roles to each employee and client, control what others can do in ActiveCollab.

people team permissions


We understand not everyone should see everything. Give certain permissions only to a few people.

Client Management

Having a system that supports transparent communication makes relationships with customers and clients smoother to maintain. Including them from the beginning in projects where sharing comments, ideas, and files is possible stops endless email chains. ActiveCollab allows turning an idea into an invoice.

Find the best way to cooperate with all your clients


mark estimate won lost client

Mark As Won/Lost

Manage the estimates you send your clients by marking them as won or lost.

duplicate estimate clients


There's no need to create the same estimates over and over. Simply duplicate and send them away.

create project estimate client

Create Project

Start working on your project right away by turning an estimate into a project.

create invoice estimate client

Create Invoice

If your estimate is ready to be invoiced, just turn it into an invoice and send it to your client.

history changes estimate clients

History of Changes

Adjusted your estimate and want to review the changes? See everything that happened and when.

Client Company

client company details

Company Details

Enter the details for each company you're collaborating with, from their name and address to currencies.

custom hourly rates company

Custom Hourly Rates

Set up different hourly rates per job type for each project you're working on, to be charged later.

client company invoice

Company Invoice

Access all the invoices you created for a company from their profile page.


invoice clients

Invoice Your Clients

Transform your work into income by invoicing your clients exactly where projects develop.

reminder payment invoice client


Forget the awkwardness of reminding someone to pay you. Let the system send them a reminder.

recurring invoice client

Recurring Invoice

No need to do repetitive work. ActiveCollab will automatically send invoices at regular time intervals.

paypal stripe integration invoice client

PayPal & Stripe Integration

Connect your accounts to receive online payments from your clients.

quickbooks xero integration invoice clients


Send all the new invoices from ActiveCollab to QuickBooks to further process them.

Client Collaboration

assign tasks collaborate clients

Assign Tasks

If your client needs to review a task, assign it to them, set up a due date, and add a reminder if necessary.

comments collaborate clients


Mention your client directly on a task, note, or discussion if you need their feedback promptly.

client role extra permissions


Invite your most significant clients and let them participate in the projects' development.

share files attachments clients

Share Files

Centralize your files and keep them tied to the tasks they are related to, so you never lose them again.

discussions collaborate clients


Talk freely about ideas where you can transform them later into actionable tasks and reality.

notes collaborate clients


Don't scatter thoughts and important info on pieces of paper. Collect them in ActiveCollab's notes.

Business Profitability

Running many projects at once is great, but do they keep the business afloat? Knowing whether projects are profitable or not can help make better decisions in the future. Also, expenses can get out of hand during a project's progress, and it's useful to know when a certain threshold of a budget has been breached.

Keep a close eye on your profitability

Budget Types

budget type fixed

Fixed Budget

Agree upon a fixed sum with clients and make sure you stay within budget until a project is finished.

budget type time expenses billable

Time and Expenses

Track your billable hours and expenses and charge your clients in regular intervals or upon completion.

budget type non billable


Use ActiveCollab for your internal projects and organize the entire business in one tool.

Budget Alerts

budget percentage alert

Percentage Alert

The system lets you know when your expenses reach as many budget percentages as needed.

budget alert notification


You'll receive an email and an in-app notification, so you know you've spent a certain budget amount.


payment status invoice client

Payment Status

Review your payments through custom dates, on a yearly or monthly level.

uninvoiced work clients

Uninvoiced Work

Don't let your efforts slip under the radar. Overview your uninvoiced work and take action.

invoiced work clients


Create a custom report of all your invoices, check their status, and manage them easily.

Project Profitability

project profitability budget cost

Project Budget vs. Cost

Make sure to keep your expenses under control. Stay within budget on every project you're managing.

project info profitability

Project Info

Get a quick overview of your budget status by checking the percentage of the spent amount.

Apps & Integrations

Tools are there to help get the job done swiftly and without distractions. Setting up an effective workspace environment means building a solid foundation for focus, meeting deadlines, and an organized business. Connecting tools and being able to work anywhere, across all devices, saves money and time.

Integrate all your tools

Apps & Devices

desktop app

Desktop App

Get rid of the browser clutter and concentrate on your project without unnecessary distractions.

mobile app

Mobile App

Take the ActiveCollab essentials with you and stay updated no matter where you are.

File Sharing

google drive gdrive integration file sharing


Expand the ActiveCollab experience by connecting your Google account and sharing files with the team.

dropbox file sharing integration


If you're used to collaborating through Dropbox, no worries. Attach your files and keep cooperating.

Time Tracking

time tracking inapp integrated stopwatch

ActiveCollab Stopwatch

Use the integrated ActiveCollab Stopwatch to track the time you spend on each task and project.

hubstaff timecamp integration time tracking

Hubstaff & Timecamp

Connect your favorite time tracker and keep focusing on your assignments.


zapier integration automation


If you use many apps and connect them all to Zapier, add ActiveCollab to the list and automate your work.

webhooks integration automation


Notify 3rd-party services about what's happening in ActiveCollab.

slack integration automation


Receive notifications from your ActiveCollab workspace on a Slack channel.

api integration automation


Develop and integrate your own solutions with ActiveCollab.


stripe paypal payments online clients

Online Payments

Enable and receive payments for invoices you created in ActiveCollab through Stripe and Paypal.


xero quickbooks integration accounting payments


Create invoices from QuickBooks with the time records you created in ActiveCollab.