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Custom Availability and Time Tracking Limits

Custom Availability and Time Tracking Limits

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the latest news on ActiveCollab’s updates! In our previous post, we talked about recurring tasks and custom availability. This time, we’ll show you how we incorporated the custom availability feature throughout the app and created a better way to control time tracking.

ActiveCollab 8.0: Custom Availability

In the current version, when an employee is on vacation or sick leave, they’ll be marked as unavailable on that day when mentioning them or assigning them tasks.

In ActiveCollab 8.0, setting a person’s availability to 0 hours will mark them as unavailable on that day, and now, we’ve implemented that feature to @mentions and the date picker.

When you try to mention a team member on a day their working hours are set to 0, you’ll get a heads up that they’re not available. The same will happen when choosing a due date for their assignments.

Time Tracking Limits

We’re introducing some new options that should lessen the possibility of making mistakes when tracking time. You can already limit the period of time to add or edit time records in the current ActiveCollab version.

This option should give the managers more control over logged time. For example, by limiting the ability to add time records to five days and editing them to two days, you’ll ensure that the timesheet can’t be modified after one week without the direct involvement of your management team.

We’ve also added internal hourly rates to the new version, so you’ll be able to keep defining the hourly rate for each employee.

In ActiveCollab 8.0, you’ll be able to choose the available job types for each individual. This option should limit wasting time correcting wrongly logged records.


In October, the uptime was 99.99%. If you notice ActiveCollab is slower than usual or down, let us know! You can contact our Support Team via email or X. They’ll be more than happy to give you every information you need.

Coming up

The upcoming month will keep us busy working on security enhancements for your user accounts. Our teams will also be working on time listings in ActiveCollab 8.0.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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