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Project Timesheet and Stopwatch

Project Timesheet and Stopwatch

Hello everyone,

We’d like to wish you a happy New Year and summarize what we’ve been working on in the final month of 2023! In our previous recap, we talked about the project Time tab and two-factor authentication. This time, we’ll focus on the project Timesheet and Stopwatches.

Keep reading to learn all about it!

ActiveCollab 8: Project Timesheet

The project’s Timesheet is where managers will be able to overview everyone’s time records and see how and where time is spent on a specific project.

These time records will be synchronized with the Team Timesheet, which will show the customized daily capacities of team members and whether they’ve been exceeded or not in orange and red.

When we say “managers”, we mean Project leaders and users with Owner or Member+ roles in ActiveCollab.

Meanwhile, ordinary Members will also see the project Timesheet. However, it will be filled only with their own time records. They’ll be able to view the projects and tasks they’ve worked on during the selected week, as well as all tasks with a set due date. Setting off the Stopwatch on a task listed in the project Timesheet will also be possible with only one click.

This data will be automatically visible on the My Work page, where each user can see all their recorded time.

ActiveCollab 8: Stopwatch

The new ActiveCollab version introduces the option to start the Stopwatch quickly without previously selecting a task or a project. You’ll be able just to hit play, start tracking time, and add the details later.

Adding necessary notes or comments to each active Stopwatch will be possible. Once you’re ready to upload the time record, fill in the necessary details, such as the task or project they belong to, and your notes will be suggested as their default description, which you can easily change.

Mobile App: Activity Tab

Although we’re mostly focused on developing the new ActiveCollab version, we haven’t forgotten the mobile app! It is now possible to browse the teams’ activity just as you would on other devices. If you haven’t already, download ActiveCollab on your Apple or Android phone and share files and messages on the go.


ActiveCollab’s uptime in December was 100%, with minor slowing downs, which were swiftly resolved. We’ll focus on systematic solutions during January. In the meantime, if you notice the app is lagging or not working properly, contact us via email or X, and our Support Team will try to fix the issue as quickly as possible!

Coming up

This new year will begin with working on batch selection and editing time records. The more exciting news is we’ll be adding more users to our Early Access Program so they can try out ActiveCollab 8.0.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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