Oct 7, 2022 Recaps

List View and Task Filtering

List View and Task Filtering

Hello everyone,

We're ready to bring you the latest updates in our September recap! In our previous post, we mentioned availability notifications and the file options that will be available when ActiveCollab 8.0 is released. This month's edition brings news on our progress in building the new version.

List View and Task Filtering

As you probably already know, you can view your tasks in ActiveCollab through columns, scheduled on a timeline, or as a list. The list view is the one that will be changed the most in the upcoming new version of the app.

It will be expanded into a customizable grid to fit all your needs on one page. We're keeping the best parts of the list view and adding some new features to provide the best experience so far.

As for the progress we've made in September, the grid's columns haven't been completed yet, but the filters have. In ActiveCollab 8.0, it will be possible to pin or unpin the filter sidebar from your view and to filter the project's tasks by multiple criteria, such as task list, assignee, due date, label, and priority.


ActiveCollab's uptime in September was >99.99%. As always, our mission is to provide uninterrupted service at all times, but if you ever notice suboptimal app performance, reach out to our Support Team or drop us a mention on Twitter!

Coming Up

You've guessed it: we'll keep on working on ActiveCollab 8.0! You can always check its roadmap to see what's in the works, what's been completed, and what we plan to do. Til next time!

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