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ActiveCollab 8.0: User Card, Pin Discussions

ActiveCollab 8.0: User Card, Pin Discussions

Hello everyone,

Welcome to May's edition of ActiveCollab's updates! Our previous recap discussed the Self-hosted upgrade and the development of version 8.0. This time, we'll talk about user cards and pinned discussions.

User Card

In ActiveCollab 8.0, it will be possible to open a user's card throughout the app. It will contain basic information on a user, such as their email and the teams they belong to. From this card, you'll get a shortcut to a chat conversation with the user and their full profile if you want to view their upcoming days off or activity.

You'll be able to access the user card from many places: comments on tasks, notes, and discussions, Workload, timesheets, and so on. The plan is to expand these cards in the future with the most helpful information!

Pin Discussions

The integrated Chat feature in ActiveCollab is great, but like any other chat platform, its main feature and drawback are that messages flow away and important information gets lost. You can use discussions to talk about sorted topics, and now you'll be able to pin the most relevant ones to the top. This is also a great way to keep important announcements where everyone can see them.

A notification dot is another feature we added, indicating whether there are unread messages in the discussion. As soon as you open them, the dot will disappear.


ActiveCollab's uptime in May was 99.9%. If you have any feedback, complaints, or questions you'd like to send our way, hit us up on Twitter or via email!

Coming Up

Whether trying out ActiveCollab 8.0 or using the current version, all our users will get new budget options. Our next recap will go into more detail on weekly, monthly, and yearly project budgets, so stay tuned!

We'll also show an improved way to navigate through discussions. See you in June!

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