Apps & Integrations

Tools are there to help get the job done swiftly and without distractions. Setting up an effective workspace environment means building a solid foundation for focus, meeting deadlines, and an organized business. Connecting tools and being able to work anywhere, across all devices, saves money and time.

Apps & Devices

Whether at your desk, couch, or on the go, if you need to stay updated and in touch with your team, you can seamlessly use ActiveCollab on all your devices!

ActiveCollab desktop app

Desktop App

Get rid of the browser clutter and concentrate on your project without unnecessary distractions.

ActiveCollab mobile app

Mobile App

Take the ActiveCollab essentials with you and stay updated no matter where you are.

File Sharing

Exchange images, documents, and much more by connecting ActiveCollab with your favorite file storing apps.

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sharing different files
connecting Google drive to ActiveCollab


Expand the ActiveCollab experience by connecting your Google account and sharing files with the team.

connecting Dropbox to ActiveCollab


If you're used to collaborating through Dropbox, no worries. Attach your files and keep cooperating.

Time Tracking

We're aware time is money, especially when you charge by the hour. So, ActiveCollab offers more than one way to keep track of your time records. Integrate them seamlessly into your day-to-day!

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time records and stopwatch
Hubstaff and Timecamp integration

Hubstaff & Timecamp

Connect your favorite time tracker and keep focusing on your assignments.


Connect your favorite apps so all your actions are synced throughout all the tools you're using. ActiveCollab can fit the puzzle of your automated system in the blink of an eye!

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automation tools
Zapier integration to ActiveCollab


If you use many apps and connect them all to Zapier, add ActiveCollab to the list and automate your work.

Slack integration to ActiveCollab


Receive notifications from your ActiveCollab workspace on a Slack channel.

custom webhooks


Notify 3rd-party services about what's happening in ActiveCollab.

TestLodge integration to ActiveCollab


Have a new task created automatically each time a test fails with TestLodge.

ActiveCollab API


Develop and integrate your own solutions with ActiveCollab.


Connect ActiveCollab to your favorite payment methods and start charging your projects exactly where they happen. Use the opportunity to centralize all communication, files, and money flows in one place.

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all money flow in one place
Stripe integration

Online Payments

Enable and receive payments for invoices you created in ActiveCollab through Stripe and Paypal.


When we say you can manage your projects from an idea to an invoice in ActiveCollab, we mean it! Track your projects and tasks and then invoice them through your favorite app.

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QuickBooks integration to ActiveCollab


Create invoices from QuickBooks with the time records you created in ActiveCollab.