Improved Invitations and Expense Tab

Improved Invitations and Expense Tab

Hello everyone,

Welcome to ActiveCollab’s latest updates! In March, we discussed subtasks and new options on the People page. In this post, we’ll stay on the topic of inviting people but also discuss expenses. Keep reading to get all the details!

ActiveCollab 8.0: Invite People

Inviting new colleagues and clients to ActiveCollab is easy and quick. Now, we’re introducing new options to simplify this process even further. You’ll be able to immediately choose the role you’d like to assign the person you’re inviting and give them the necessary permissions.

Once you’ve selected their title and the projects you’d like them to participate in, you’ll also be able to set up their availability. Choose a default or custom setting for their working hours, the available job types, and the internal hourly rate.

The invitation can be sent in different languages with an accompanying message welcoming the new team member or client! A separate tab will show all the pending invitations you can resend if necessary.

The invited member will see who invited them to which project, along with the welcome note and login link. They’ll land on the welcome page, where they can customize their ActiveCollab profile!

ActiveCollab 8.0: Improved Expense Tab

Reviewing expenses on individual projects is already possible, but in the new ActiveCollab version, you’ll be able to overview and edit them easily in the redesigned grid. The data will be updated in real-time and neatly summed up at the top. Filtering by user, category, date, and location will let you find the needed information within seconds.

It will be possible to centralize all details in one place by attaching receipts or other documents to a specific expense record.


ActiveCollab’s uptime in April was 100%. When you notice any issues with the app, don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team via email or X!

Coming up

In May, we’ll continue improving the Expenses section and the invitation process to ActiveCollab. Stay updated by reading our blog!