ActiveCollab Pricing

Improve the way you work with ActiveCollab Project Management and additional bundles.


For smaller teams that need a platform for collaboration and managing projects.

$3.67 $3.17

per member / monthly flat rate for 3 members

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For teams and companies that need to overview the entire workflow in one place.

$9 $8

per member / per month

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Pro+Get Paid

For teams that need to track time, organize, and invoice their projects.

$14 $11.75

per member / per month

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You can try out ActiveCollab for 14 days without entering your card details! All the features from the expanded plan are available so you can try out every option ActiveCollab offers. You'll also be able to invite your entire team and see how the app fits your daily interactions!

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Pricing FAQ

  • What's the purpose of the trial period?

    Use the 14-day Trial period to test the ActiveCollab workspace. You have access to all ActiveCollab Features during the trial period, the same as a Pro plan with a Get Paid Bundle, unlimited members, and unlimited clients.

  • Will I be charged when my trial is up?

    Once the trial expires, we will ask you for payment details if you wish to continue to use a chargeable ActiveCollab plan. You will be charged for all the chargeable users, issued an invoice, and you will see the price breakdown on the Billing page before leaving your card details and purchasing ActiveCollab services. Also, the feature set will be adjusted according to the selected plan.

  • Do I pay monthly or annually?

    We have pricing for monthly and annual plans. Keep in mind that the yearly plan can be even up to 15% off of the price.

  • Can I cancel at any time?

    You can cancel at any time. Even when you cancel, you can still use your account until the next billing period. Once the next billing period comes, your account will be deactivated.

  • What happens with my data if I choose to cancel my subscription?

    If you choose to cancel ActiveCollab, you will get an export of all your data stored in ActiveCollab via email to the account's creator. Seven days upon cancellation, all your data will be permanently removed.

  • Will I be able to import my data from another project management tool?

    If you're using Asana, Wrike, Trello, or Basecamp 2, you can transfer your projects and data by running an importer from the Add-ons menu in ActiveCollab.

  • Which methods of payment do you accept?

    You can pay for your subscription with any major credit and debit card.

  • Is VAT calculated in the price?

    That depends on whether you're buying ActiveCollab as a company or an individual. Enter your VAT ID number during checkout to deduct the VAT from your order as an EU company. However, if you're buying ActiveCollab as an EU citizen, you'll be required to pay the VAT.

  • Do you offer discounts?

    We offer a 50% discount for educational institutions and non-profit organizations, making the world a better place. You can apply for the discount here.

  • How secure is ActiveCollab?

    We've made sure to make ActiveCollab a safe environment for storing all your work and data. Please find more info about our data security and encryption protocols, backups, and firewalls on our security page.

  • Will my money be returned if I cancel my subscription?

    No. ActiveCollab has a no-refund policy. You pay for the period ahead, whether it is monthly or yearly. Once you cancel, your account will remain active until the period that you paid for expires, and you can freely use ActiveCollab until then.

  • Will I get my money back if I delete chargeable users?

    As you delete users or downgrade their role to a non-chargeable Client role or archive them, you are returned a balance to your ActiveCollab account. The balance value is what it would have cost to keep a chargeable user in the app until the next billing period. This balance will be used to reduce the prices of either your next payment or more people's invitation to ActiveCollab.

  • Who are chargeable users?

    There are five roles in ActiveCollab: Owner, Member, Member+, Client+, and Client. All of them are chargeable, apart from the Client role, which is for free. The number of chargeable users allowed in a system varies based on the subscription plan. The Plus plan is limited to 3 users with chargeable roles, whereas with the Pro plan, you can have as many chargeable users as you want.

  • Who are non-chargeable users?

    A non-chargeable role is a user in your ActiveCollab that you do not pay for, the user with a Client role. You can have as many Clients as you wish free of charge in any of the subscription plans.

  • Why is Client+ chargeable?

    Client+ role is chargeable because it has more permissions than a Client role. Client+ can work on tasks, whereas the Client role can view tasks and overview the progress. It's important to note that you can hide some project information from both Client and Client+ roles.

  • What does "Unlimited Clients" mean?

    It means you can invite as many people as you wish with just a Client role for free. Clients do not affect the number of chargeable users and do not take up a seat in plans with limited seats.

  • What is a Plus Plan?

    The Plus plan is ideal for smaller teams and offers a set of features for collaboration and communication. It holds up to three seats for chargeable users. The account creator is, by default, an Owner, and you can invite two more chargeable users and unlimited Clients.

  • What is a Pro Plan?

    The Pro plan includes all the features that ActiveCollab offers in the core package, and you can extend the list of features by getting the Get Paid Bundle on top of the Pro plan. You are charged for each chargeable user in the account, and you can invite an unlimited number of users with a Client role that won't be charged.

  • Should I choose a Monthly or Yearly Subscription?

    The pricing is lower for a yearly subscription, and it gives you up to 15% off of the price if you commit to the annual subscription for both Plus and Pro plans. You pay for the period of your choice ahead, so you will be issued an invoice for the month ahead if you choose monthly. If you choose a yearly plan, you will be issued an invoice for the one year ahead.

  • What is the automatic payment?

    ActiveCollab is subscription-based, and as long as you are subscribed to ActiveCollab, the payments will go through automatically.

  • What is Get Paid Bundle?

    Get Paid Bundle is an additional set of features that you can buy to upgrade the Pro plan. The Get Paid Bundle can only be added to the Pro plan. You can't purchase the Get Paid bundle if you're on the Plus plan.

  • How Is Get Paid Bundle Charged?

    Get Paid Bundle is a set of features charged additionally to the core set of features. Get Paid Bundle can only be purchased with a Pro plan. If you use the Plus plan, you must first upgrade to the Pro plan to buy the Get Paid Bundle. Each chargeable user in ActiveCollab will be charged for the Get Paid Bundle. The pricing is an additional 3 USD per month, per user, for the annual plans - charged at once for an entire year. Pricing for the Get Paid Bundle per month is an additional 4 USD per month per member.

  • Can I use this for my whole organization or just my team?

    ActiveCollab is designed to be a hub for your organization. Your entire company can make Real Work happen in the same workspace. You can start small with a single team, but as you grow more familiar, you can spread ActiveCollab through the rest of the organization. You can add as many people as you want, assign them to a team (or teams), and set their permission levels.

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