Sep 6, 2023 Customer Stories

ActiveCollab Integrated in a Design Agency’s Process - Jo’s Büro

ActiveCollab Integrated in a Design Agency’s Process - Jo’s Büro

Since 2011, in the heart of Würzburg, Germany, we at jo's büro für Gestaltung have been developing design concepts and guiding their conceptual and graphical implementation to achieve desired outcomes and beyond.

Our portfolio encompasses brand creation and logo design, corporate design, corporate identity development, and classical graphic design for both print and web.

ActiveCollab Is Our Secret Weapon

We see ourselves as a full-service partner with clear design expertise, crafting individual and exceptional solutions for sales, marketing, and communication of products and services in collaboration with our clients. Behind the scenes, robust project management ensures that our creativity flows seamlessly and our projects thrive.

This is where ActiveCollab comes into play – our secret weapon in the realm of project management. As a design agency that values collaboration and precision, ActiveCollab has seamlessly integrated into our daily operations and has become an indispensable part of our creative process.

Every week, our team gathers to discuss ongoing projects and ensure that every effort aligns with our client's visions. ActiveCollab serves as our digital memory, bringing together conversation histories, tasks, and project statuses in one place.

ActiveCollab's Compelling Features

Rapid Support and Development: Whenever questions arise or ideas for improvements surface, ActiveCollab's responsive Support Team is our dependable companion. Missing features are swiftly integrated, reflecting the platform's commitment to evolving with our needs.

Intuitive User Interface: ActiveCollab's user interface is intuitive, making it easy and quick for new team members to adapt. Navigating tasks and notes has never been so effortless, saving us valuable time and energy.

Expanding Functionality: We are consistently impressed by the growing array of available features. With each update, we discover tools that empower us to execute our design concepts more effectively.

Time Tracking: The time tracking feature has become our time management compass. It enhances accountability and provides insights into project timelines, ensuring efficient resource utilization.

Role Assignment: The ability to assign roles in ActiveCollab has opened new possibilities. We can seamlessly involve clients in our projects, fostering transparent collaboration that ensures continuous alignment in every phase.

Our verdict is clear: ActiveCollab has elevated our approach to project management. With its consistent support, intuitive design, and ever-expanding capabilities, ActiveCollab is more than just a tool – it's a partner on our creative journey. This partnership not only simplifies our daily tasks but also enhances the quality of our work, allowing us to focus on what truly matters: crafting exceptional designs that captivate, engage, and define brands.

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