Completed Projects Tab, Clickable Timesheet, Mobile App Reminders

Completed Projects Tab, Clickable Timesheet, Mobile App Reminders

Hello everyone,

Welcome to another edition of ActiveCollab's monthly updates! Last month, we talked about the new Projects page, @mention and task creating in the in-app Chat, and webhooks improvements. This month, we'll talk about the Completed Projects page, My Work's Timesheet, and the mobile app.

Completed Projects

For starters, we hope you find the new Projects page menu comfortable and better! There, you'll find the "Completed" tab. Now, you'll be able to filter your completed projects by category, client, label, project lead and sort them by their completion date or storage. This way, you'll see which old projects take up lots of space.

If you want to clean up the clutter and make room for new ventures, delete the big old projects in an instant. Try out the new options to find what you're looking for in a couple of clicks!

My Work

We've made some changes to the Timesheet located on the My Work page so it would be easier to track time through the Timesheet. Up until now, you couldn't click a day's total tracked time. Now, the data is clickable, and you can add a time record for a project or task.

Mobile app

Since we last spoke of the mobile app, reminders have been the most significant addition. If you haven't used them before, we advise you to give them a shot, especially if you tend to forget about specific tasks! Select a date, who to remind, and voila. It's like having a personal assistant.


ActiveCollab's uptime in November has been >99.99%, and we plan to keep it that way! Let us know if you notice any glitches or a slowing down of the app via email or Twitter.

Coming up

We'll still be working on the Projects page and the main menu we talked about, only this time, we'll be looking into other options we could integrate into it. Also, the endeavor on folders for files shall begin.

The next monthly update will be published in February, but before that, we'll make a quick overview of the entire 2021. Stay tuned!