Sep 6, 2021 Recaps

In-app Chat Launched, Mobile App People Page

In-app Chat Launched, Mobile App People Page

Hello everyone,

Welcome to another edition of ActiveCollab recaps. Last month we talked about viewing Workload's past months, the in-app Chat, and the improvements made to the mobile app. Here's what we have on the menu this month:

We'll also go through the August uptime and what's coming up in September.

Chat for all!

That's right! Everyone got our latest feature, the in-app Chat. You'll find it in the lower-right corner of your ActiveCollab interface and all your colleagues and teams within it. When you get a new message, a shortcut to that conversation will be created and disappear as soon as you read it.

If you haven't formed any teams yet, go to the People page in the menu on the left, find the tab "Teams" and create one! It will automatically appear in your chat hub, where you can exchange messages, links, and files with those involved. You can also create a custom group where you'll include people independently from the teams they're part of.

Read all the details in our latest post!

Our Self-hosted users will get the feature by the end of the year. Due to specific technical requirements, Chat is currently a Cloud exclusive, but we're looking into ways of making it available for self-hosted customers as well.

Mobile app

As for the novelties regarding our mobile app, here's what we improved during August:

  • The People Page now displays a person's assignments and availability
  • Deep linking improvements
  • Visual enhancements

The next big step is making it possible to use the Chat feature within the mobile app as well and enable you to truly communicate with your team in every way, no matter where you are.

Here's a friendly reminder to download the app for iOS and Android and check out what's all the buzz about!


ActiveCollab's uptime in August was >99.99%, and we plan to keep it that way. We’d like to remind you that whenever you're experiencing any trouble with our service, feel free to contact us.

Coming up

The Early Access Program participants will get the chance to test out the new overview of all projects. We're talking about new ways to filter and sort your projects. Also, the in-app Chat messages will get reactions, just like the ones you can leave on comments in ActiveCollab.

Speaking of Chat, the mobile app will integrate the new feature, so there are no gaps between the web, desktop, and mobile apps. Until then, you can chat using your mobile browser.

Stay tuned and read our September recap next month to check on our progress!

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