Feb 7, 2022 Recaps

New Project Icons, Increased Mobile App Speed

New Project Icons, Increased Mobile App Speed

Hello everyone,

We hope you enjoyed your holidays as much as we have! In the last edition of our monthly recaps, we glanced at the rearview mirror and went through all the features we added and improved in 2021. This month, we've continued working on the Projects page, as well as tweaking the web and mobile app.

Project page header

Remember the changes we made to the overview of your projects? Now, we're focused on the individual project's page. Its header is under reconstruction, and you can already see some alterations. New icons have been added for a fresh&clean look. At a glance, you're able to see how many people can access the projects and add new Members and Clients easily from there.

The Stopwatch is neatly tucked in, so you can start tracking time right away. The Project info is also there, giving you information on where you stand with the budget, while the three-dot menu allows you to access some quick actions regarding the project.

This is just the beginning! Soon, there will be more improvements that will let you manage your projects as efficiently as ever.

Mobile app

As we were wrapping up 2021, we fulfilled a great promise and delivered the in-app Chat to the mobile app! This great feature is now available on all devices, so you don't need any extra apps for chatting.

In January, tweaks were made to the whole app, particularly its performance and the in-app Chat. You should notice up to a 50% increase in the app's speed, and we'll continue enhancing it.

Here's another great news: the ActiveCollab mobile app also supports iPads, so when we say you can use it on any device, we mean it!


ActiveCollab's uptime in January was 99.97%. Whenever you notice something's not right, make sure to contact us via email or Twitter! Our Support Team is always happy to give you the latest information and share tips&tricks!

Coming up

The following weeks will focus on developing the Project page header further and including the Stopwatch to the mobile app. We're looking forward to hearing your feedback!

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