ActiveCollab 8.0

A New Version Is Coming!

System-wide implementation of the best design and technical approaches we’ve been evolving over the past three years.

what to expect in ac 8

What Can You Expect?

ActiveCollab 8.0 is the next major version our team is building. Versions 5 to 7 share the same technical underpinnings, so they evolved one bit at a time, iteration after iteration. You can see how this type of development worked in our monthly recaps - every couple of weeks we had something new rolled out.

With version 8, we decided to rebuild the entire frontend of the application, meaning we will have to “go dark” for a couple of months until we finish up enough of the system before we can invite customers to try it out.

Instead of redesigning the whole application, we’re keeping and evolving the current, familiar design. If you look closer, you’ll see that some areas of the application are “newer” than others. With version 8, we’ll ensure that all screens use the latest and best UI components and patterns we’ve been developing over the past couple of years.

ActiveCollab 8.0 will not be void of new features. Some areas of the application received a lot of improvements over the years. Other parts have not seen as much love, and the team wants to correct that. Some features are already completed, while others are under development, planned, or conceptualized.

Roadmap to ActiveCollab 8.0

This list will change as we add new ideas and features to it

Improved main navigation

Improved Main Navigation

Customize the main menu according to your needs. Add or remove buttons and create a list of useful shortcuts you can access quickly at any time.


Full-screen In-app Chat

A page entirely dedicated to your conversations. Browse your one-on-one chats, team discussions, and custom group talks.

Folders for files

Folders for Files

Files have a bad habit of getting misplaced. With folders, you'll be able to sort and organize them in a way that you'll never lose any image, video, or document again.

Customisable grid view for tasks

Customizable Grid View

A list view that is fit for a king. Choose the elements of a task to be displayed, and enjoy an overview of your tasks and their details.


Optimized Search

Find exactly what you're looking for in a matter of seconds. Tasks, files, projects, and much more are a short search away.

task arrow navigation

Task Navigation

Jump from one task to the next and back by using the arrows that save you time and effort.

discussion top list

Pin Discussion To Top

Sort your discussions, watch them update in real-time, and pin the most important ones to the top of the list! Don't let anything meaningful slip away and get lost.

user card

User Card

Open a user's card throughout the app to view their basic information quickly, start a chat conversation with them, or visit their full profile.

budget intervals

Project Budget Intervals

Set the budget for weekly, monthly, or yearly intervals on each project. Receive a budget report at the end of each interval to stay on top of your finances.

notes notebook


Group your notes in folder-like notebooks to keep all the relevant information on a topic in one place.


Recurring Tasks on Workload

View your teams' upcoming recurring tasks on the Workload board and plan your schedule weeks ahead. The user's daily capacity will take into account the task's estimated time.


Custom Daily Capacity

Set up custom work days and daily capacities for each team member so that you can schedule the workload based on their availability.

recurring task variables

Recurring Task Variables

Add dates, weekdays, or other variables to your recurring tasks so you can differentiate them when they're created. Define the information you need and let ActiveCollab do the rest. This feature will also be applied to invoice and project templates in the future.


Time Tracking Limits

Narrow down the possibilities of time-tracking errors by establishing which job types apply to which employee.

time tracking limits

Time Tracking Limits

Define for how long can time records be edited and added by team members.

project timesheet
in progress

Improved Project Timesheet

The enhanced grid will allow quick inline changes, batch editing, and filtering of time records. The grid will also show summed-up daily time records.

project expenses

Upgraded Expenses Tab

Attach files such as receipts, invoices, or slips to your expenses. Make inline edits in the grid, batch edit, and filter out expenses.

enhanced stopwatch

Enhanced In-app Stopwatch

Set off the Stopwatch and start tracking time without selecting a specific task. Add notes to your time records even before uploading them.

in progress

Early Access Program

Jump on board the EAP and be among the first ones who test out the new features ActiveCollab 8.0 brings! Participate in further development by sending us feedback and joining discussions with the community.

We're looking forward to expanding this list over time.
Stay tuned!

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