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Providing High-Quality Education With ActiveCollab’s Help — Gimnazija Tvrđava

Providing High-Quality Education With ActiveCollab’s Help — Gimnazija Tvrđava

Starting a private school was much different from starting a regular startup or an IT company, which was the case with my previous business endeavors. Owning and running an eLearning design and development company was a challenge. Still, with so many useful web solutions and people knowing how to use them, it wasn't that difficult to optimize our business processes and bring our company to the next level.

With the school, the challenge was to educate employees that aren't as tech-savvy as employees from an IT company to use those tools. This meant that we had to find a way to integrate technology in an environment that traditionally doesn't rely on web solutions in order to organize, optimize and function on a day-to-day basis.

Less micromanagement, more self-improvement!

Managing internal tasks and responsibilities and tracking statuses became much easier with ActiveCollab. Running a school in Serbia means a lot of paperwork, administration work, and having different teams of teachers create various reports throughout the year. ActiveCollab makes organizing those responsibilities much easier and allows us to spend less time on micromanagement. Instead, we spend more time maintaining and improving what is most important to us - providing high-quality education for our students and educating our teachers to become better every day.