Jul 5, 2022 Customer Stories

No More Emails Thanks to ActiveCollab - c’est beau studio

No More Emails Thanks to ActiveCollab - c’est beau studio

We are a creative studio specializing in documentary content. Through video and photography, we highlight the savoir-faire (French for "know-how") of individuals and organizations who have chosen to do better every day through their social, environmental, or economic commitment.

From school friends to studio partners

Our story begins in third grade. First day of school: Carlos sits right in front of Christophe. He swivels in his chair to face him, stares at him, and finally says hello. Along came High School. Carlos was the one who was first interested in anything related to video making. Christophe, who put a great deal into having good grades in school, never hesitated one bit to ask Carlos for help with his video projects. The production of their high school sports gala is when these two future filmmakers finally got their start.

Following the internship at c'est beau, Christophe and Carlos evolved and have taken on larger mandates. After having worked for several years in the industry as freelancers and with now many faithful clients, the C+C duo decided to go into business under the name of C+C. The idea of creating the Savoir-Faire series was launched in their first month in the office. The series aims to promote the savoir-faire of people and organizations that c'est beau admires.

The collaboration between Christophe and Carlos from C + C and Guillaume and Raphaël from c'est beau was so instinctive that the idea of building a business together quickly appeared. After several months of work on the business model, the website, and the identity, the studio was born.

Managing everything with ActiveCollab

ActiveCollab helped us overcome business challenges first, for project management with the clients. We believe that the client should be integrated into the process of creating the documentary content that we produced and that it should also be fun and simple to work with us. With ActiveCollab, we have created some templates that now have a great structure for our productions.

Also, we include a project manager of the client in the process. One of our first tasks in our template is actually to present ActiveCollab to the client, and then, we start the project. We receive a lot of comments from the clients like, wow, the platform looks simple to use and is friendly.

ActiveCollab has covered a lot of day-to-day tasks. From the client questions that we answer to the internal task of the team, we do it all in ActiveCollab. When the client is on board, we tell them that everything is in ActiveCollab now. Like, no more emails. :)

We are ditching Slack next week because the ActiveCollab in-app Chat is available on mobile now. I was waiting for it in 2021. Now we finally have a single app to manage the studio, the clients, AND communication with colleagues.

A bright future

We have only one year of existence behind us, but we know where we want to go. Our main goal is in two parts:

  • We want to be able in the future to help companies to communicate to their audiences their evolution and their "savoir-faire" by documentary content, and not just for a one-project video, but for a longer period of time. We like to say that we want to be an archiver of companies that we are proud to work with.
  • We want to create our own content, present concepts to television stations and streaming platforms. We will be able to do that by growing our team of collaborators and showing that we can deliver big projects through our exemplary management (thanks ActiveCollab again).

Little daydreaming: a video studio in a cottage? We are from Mtl, Québec, and we are close to nature. Why not offer a different lifestyle to our team? We are here to have fun at the end of the day. :)

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