Nov 16, 2023 Product Updates

Setting Time Tracking Limits in ActiveCollab

Setting Time Tracking Limits in ActiveCollab

Time tracking is a vital feature for companies and freelancers that charge by the hour, but also for those who need an accurate assessment of the activity’s duration. In ActiveCollab, your teams can track time on tasks and projects and choose the job type they’re working on.

We’re introducing many new options in the upcoming version of ActiveCollab, but some of them are already available to our users as well. This post will review the new features and their implications throughout the app. Keep reading to discover the details!

Time Tracking Limits

Firstly, we’d like to show how management will have more control over timesheets. Up until now, team members could track their time, and those records would be collected in the Personal and Team Timesheet. The possibility to add or edit time records was open to all indefinitely because it’s only human to forget to set off the Stopwatch or log the number of hours we’ve worked on a certain day.

Although this option is convenient, it could cause problems for managers who have to invoice billable hours and create time reports. So, we’ve added a possibility to limit the available period for adding and editing time records.

This way, employees could still change their entries if they made a mistake or forgot to record time, but not indefinitely or without the managers’ permission. Timesheets and reports would remain locked after the chosen period, and there would be better control.

Limited Job Types

We’ve also added the option to choose the types of jobs for each employee individually. To grasp the whole meaning of this feature, let’s go back to its basics briefly!

In ActiveCollab, you have the ability to define job types and their hourly rates. For example, one hour of designing won’t be charged to clients as much as one hour of software development.

Everyone on the team can track time when working with the integrated Stopwatch. They can also add time records, which will be included equally in the individual and Team Timesheets.

We’re now introducing some limitations that should minimize potential time-tracking errors, such as a copywriter uploading 8 hours of illustrating to the weekly Timesheet. You’ll be able to define the types of jobs available to each employee according to their assignments.

This option is designed to avoid potential errors, cut back on the manager’s efforts to set the records straight and prevent miscalculations when creating invoices for your clients.

The former feature is already available in the current app version, while the latter will be released with ActiveCollab 8.0. We hope you’re as excited as we are for all that is coming up!

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