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If you are exceptional at writing and willing to share your excellence by writing informative piece of content for our blog, you’ve come to the right place! We would like you to join our team, listen to your inspiring stories and share them with our audience.

What to focus on

  • Our blog is read by management (project, product & HR managers), executives and business owners, as well as designers, developers, marketers, sales and account managers and support agents working in creative, digital, SEO and marketing teams and agencies, consulting agencies, product and Saas companies.
  • They are all working in teams. Those teams are either a part of a larger corporation, or a business as a whole. Big, medium, small - you name it.
  • We want you to share how you and your team solve your biggest project, client and workload management challenges.
  • Tell us about:
    • How you run your projects (the processes you use)
    • Innovations in running projects you have introduced and tested
    • How you manage your teams
    • How you keep track and reward your team performance
    • How you collaborate with your clients (a variety of challenges you face and methods you use to overcome them)
    • How you manage your day-to-day, with accent on workload and task management
    • Techniques and methods you use to upscale business
  • Your post should help our readers improve their knowledge and discover something new. To be able to do that, you need to deliver vibrant content and create your “AHA!” moment. We are not in favour of content with generic points that teach us nothing and provide us with no real value.
  • Use live examples, use cases, screenshots, graphics
  • Every piece of data should be backed up with relevant sources
  • Ensure that your article is neither too short nor too long ( we respect our reader's’ time and take their reading habits into consideration)
  • Your writing should match our style
    • Share knowledge by telling stories
    • Speak from your own experience
    • Always have a beginning, middle and the end
    • Focus on one topic (include a character and the story if possible)
    • Use short paragraphs, headers and lists
    • Be informative and always try to capture a reader’s attention
  • We like strong writing that matches our tone of voice:
    • Engaging, informative but never arrogant
    • Simple, understandable, jargon-free
    • Direct, honest, but never rude

Please keep in mind that we aren’t interested in publishing posts that don’t offer relevant information and actionable tips. We would like to hear true stories about your challenges as well as your unique ideas and insider’s tips how you solved them.

How to submit your post

If you decide to share your story with us and become our contributor, contact us via email at, with the following information:

  • Tell us about your area of excellence, your business experience and the reason why you’ve decided to write for our blog
  • A few post ideas with outlines that you would like to elaborate and explain what inspired you to come up with those ideas.Tell us more about why you think your ideas would be a good fit for our blog
  • Your Linkedin profile so we can make sure you are who you say you are and the easiest way for us to do it is to take a look at your profile

If we decide to publish your post, we’d also need from you a brief description of your post, your picture, and a short bio.

Looking forward to hearing what you have to say!

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