Managing Projects

In ActiveCollab, all work happens inside projects. There you’ll be able to assign tasks, discuss ideas, attach files, write notes, and track time and expenses.

Starting a Project #


Open Projects.


Click +Start a New Project.


Enter a name and a description.


Set a Label to show the project is NEW, INPROGRESS, etc.


Set a Category to make the project easier to find later.


Choose a Client Company to set who the project is for.


Enable Tracking if you plan to log time or expenses (learn more).


Click Create Project.

Inviting People to a Project #

After you’ve created a project, you’ll immediately be able to invite people:


Add Team Members or Clients (learn more).


Enter their name or email.


Enter the name of a team to invite a group of people (learn more).


Click Send Invitations.

Everyone you invited will receive an email:

If you wish to add or remove someone later, open the project and click People > Invite/Manage People.

Parts of a Project #

After opening a project, you’ll notice it's made up of different tabs.

  • Tasks tell you what needs to be done and when. You can group them into task lists.
  • Discussions are where you can share ideas and post comments.
  • Files show all the attachments in the project. They can be added to taks, comments and notes, or uploaded to the Files section directly.
  • Notes are simple text documents. They’re great for collaborative writing and tracking changes.
  • Time is where you see all the hours logged the project.
  • Expenses help you keep track of how much the project is costing you.
  • Activity shows all the updates on the project.

Organizing Projects #

If you have many active projects, there are a number of ways to keep the list organized.

  • Clicking the Grid or the List icon changes how projects are displayed.
  • Sort projects by Activity or from A to Z to change the order in which they’re listed.
  • Star a project if you want it to appear at the top of the list.
  • To narrow down the list, you can filter projects by Client, Label or Category.

Completing a Project #


Open the project.


Open Options and click Complete.

When a project has been completed, you’ll still be able to find it by using search or by opening Projects > Completed Projects.