Member Role

A Member is able to:

A Member is not able to:

  • See companies and people they are not on projects with,
  • Permanently delete what's in the Trash,
  • View Time and Expenses of other users,
  • Delete or edit their own comments after a 30 minute period has expired,
  • Delete Files added by other users.

Sections visible to a Member:

  • Projects - only projects they’re invited to,
  • My Work,
  • Activity,
  • Calendar
  • People - those from the same company, as well as people from other companies that are invited to the same projects,
  • Add-Ons - Desktop App,
  • Stopwatch,
  • Trash - can’t permanently delete what's in the Trash.

Sections not visible to a Member:

  • Estimates,
  • Invoices,
  • Reports.