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Uploading Files


ActiveCollab lets you keep all your documents and images in one place. Whenever you attach a file to a task, discussion, note, or comment, it’ll also appear under Project’s Files. You can also make uploads to the Files section directly.

Uploading Files

  • Open the Files tab in a project,
  • Click Upload Files and choose a file,
  • Repeat this if you wish to upload more files,
  • Check Hidden from clients if you don’t want your clients to see it,
  • Click Add Files to upload the files.

Quick Tip
Add files quickly by dragging and dropping them to the Files section (same when creating tasks, discussions, notes, or comments).

Managing Files

Opening a file will let you download it. ActiveCollab can also preview images, PDF, and PSD files.

In project Files, you can view the files either as a grid or a list.

Clicking on the three dots next to the file's name will let you:

  • Download the file,
  • Hide it from clients so they don’t have access to it. A hidden file will have a padlock icon next to the name,
  • Move it to Trash to remove it from the project.

Note: The maxiumum file size per upload is 2GB.

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