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Starting Discussions


Discussions allow everyone on the project to exchange ideas and give feedback. They let you leave comments, send replies from your e-mail, or even make a task from a discussion.

Starting a Discussion

  • Open the Discussions tab in a project.
  • Click the Add button on the right + New Discussion,
  • Enter the name of the discussion,
  • Set the (optional) details:
    • Description - tell others what this discussion is about,
    • Attachments - add files to the task (learn more),
    • Subscribers - choose who’ll be notified about new comments,
    • Hidden from clients - if you don’t want your clients to see it,
  • Click Create Discussion.
  • All subscribers will be notified about this discussion (learn more).

Leaving Comments

  • Open a discussion,
  • Enter a comment,
  • Attach files (optional),
  • Click Add Comment,
  • All subscribers will be notified that a new comment has been posted.

Quick Tip 
Add people to the discussion by @mentioning them in a comment. This will automatically subscribe them and notify them about all future comments as well.

Updating Discussions 

  • Open a discussion to see or edit the details. Clicking on the three dots will let you,
  • Move to project will move the discussion to another project,,
  • Move to Trash to remove it from the project,
  • Convert to a Task and transfer all the comments (learn more).

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