Project Templates

Project templates save you time on repeating projects. You can preset a template and then reuse a project as many times as you like.

Creating a New Template

  • Open Projects,
  • Click Templates,
  • Click +New Template,
  • Enter a Name.
  • Add People. They’ll be invited to every project created from the template,
  • Create Tasks and Task Lists (learn more),
  • Set Discussion topics (learn more),
  • Upload Files (learn more),
  • Add Notes (learn more),
  • Click Save Template.

Note: Template Due Dates

Template due dates are relative to the project start date. For example, you set the due date for a task to be due 3 days after the project is created. If you created a project from the template on the 1st of January, the task due date would then be the 4th of January.

Creating a Project from a Template

  • Open Projects,
  • Click +Start a New Project,
  • Choose an existing template from the Template field,
  • Fill out the rest of the project form as usual.

Creating a Template from a Project

  • Open Projects,
  • Click on the three-dots menu,
  • Select Convert to Template,
  • Click on Convert.

A new template will be created with the name of the project. All tasks in this project will be copied to the new template.