Tracking Time and Expenses

Tracking Time and Expenses

Tracking time and expenses tells you how much time and money you’ve spent on a task or a project. You can also use our desktop timer app.

Enabling Time and Expenses

When creating a new project or editing an existing one, click Enable time and expense tracking and set the hourly rates. You can also enable this by default for all projects:

  • Open System Settings.
  • Click Edit Time and Expense Settings.
  • Set Track Time and Expenses to ON.
  • Set Time Estimates to ON to be able to set completion estimates on tasks.
  • Add Hourly Rates and Expense Categories.
  • Click Save Changes.
  • After saving the defaults, you’ll still be able to set different hourly rates by editing a specific project or client company:

Logging Time

You can log time by opening the Time tab in a project:

  • Click +New Time Record.
  • Enter the time (eg. 1:40).
  • Enter a description (optional).
  • Choose a Job Type.
  • Set a Date.
  • Select Billable if you plan to include this entry in an invoice.
  • Click Add Time Record.
  • Or you can add an expense by opening the Expenses tab:
  • Click on +New Expense.
  • Enter the amount (eg. 100).
  • Enter a description (optional).
  • Choose a Category.
  • Set a Date.
  • Select Billable if you plan to include this entry in an invoice.
  • Click Add Expense.
To add time or expenses to a specific task, simply open it and click +Add Time or +Add Expense.


You can also add time on the My Work page or by downloading the desktop timer.

Keeping Track

Opening the Time or the Expenses tab of a project will list all the entries logged on that project as well as on individual tasks. You can also keep track of your logged time by opening My Work and scrolling down to My Time.

If you need to get this information from multiple projects, just run one of these reports (learn more):

  • Time Tracking shows how much time has been tracked across projects.
  • Expense Tracking lists fixed expenses across projects.
  • Estimated vs.Tracked Time helps you see how accurate your time estimates are.
  • Workload helps you distribute tasks evenly among your team.