Writing Notes

Notes help you share your thoughts and ideas about the project. You can collaborate on notes with others and track the entire history of changes.

Creating Notes

  • Open the Notes tab in a project,
  • Click +New note button on the right,
  • Enter a title,
  • Enter the text.
  • You can also:
    • Click the A icon to bring up formatting or insert images,
    • Attach files to the note. Choose subscribers to set who’ll be notified about updates. Hidden from clients if you don’t want your clients to see it.
  • Click Create Note,
  • All subscribers will be notified that the note has been created.

Writing Together

Notes are great for collaborating on texts and keeping track of all changes.

  • Editing and saving a note creates a new version,
  • To see an older version simply select it on the Versions list,
  • All the changes are highlighted in relation to the older version.

Organizing Notes

Just like in your everyday work, ActiveCollab lets group notes by creating a stack.

  • Drag and drop notes on top of each other,
  • The first note will become the cover page of the collection,
  • Open the collection to select and reorder notes,
  • Click Remove this note from collection to remove the note from the stack and put it on its own,
  • Click the Trash icon to delete the note from the project.