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Client Role


Those with a Client role are able to:

  • View tasks that are not hidden from Clients,
  • Create, edit and delete discussions,
  • Create, edit and delete notes,
  • Add files on a task through comments or in the Files section,
  • View Time and Expenses (if the option "Allow Clients to see time and expenses" is enabled).

A Client is not able to:

  • Access tasks that are hidden from Clients,
  • Be an Assignee on a Task
  • Reorder or edit tasks or task lists,
  • Open/complete tasks,
  • Log Time and Expenses,
  • Add a new Time Estimate or change an existing one,
  • See Time and Expenses if the option “Allow Clients to see time and expenses” is not enabled,
  • See Time and Expenses on a task hidden from Clients,
  • See access logs.

Sections visible to a Client:

Sections not visible to a Client:

  • People,
  • Estimates,
  • Invoices,
  • Reports,
  • Add-Ons,
  • Trash.

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