Project Management Software for Designers

Creative design teams often juggle more than one client and more than one project, working in a fast-paced, hectic environment. ActiveCollab is a perfect design project management software that takes away the pressure from managing projects and clients, allowing creatives to devote their full attention to what they do best - design!

  • Handle multiple projects
  • Control what clients see
  • Organize your files

Structured and organized workflow

ActiveCollab is a powerful project management software for designers that helps design teams structure and organize their work. In a single tool, you can simultaneously work on multiple projects with your team members and clients while controling who sees what.

set reminders

Never miss a deadline

ActiveCollab ensures design teams don’t get carried away and miss important deadlines. Setting reminders will help creative teams do what they do best while still keeping up with important due dates.

create new task from existing task

No need to start from scratch

Design teams often work on similar tasks or for the same clients. Tasks that already exist create a perfect basis for new ones. The more you use ActiveCollab it will be easier to create new tasks, as you can use what you already have!

invite clients to projects

Collaborate with clients

For effortless collaboration with your clients, invite them to your projects in ActiveCollab. This is your workspace, allowing you full control over what clients can do and see in ActiveCollab and which projects they can access.

campaign summary timesheet

Collaborate on tasks

We believe in collaboration, as many hands make light work. Assigning subtasks to the right person allows the team to share the load and work on a task together. The team can share the workload but not the responsibility, as there can be only one assignee on each task who’s in charge of it.

add project templates

Save time with project templates

Are you working on similar projects repeatedly? Project templates are a lifesaver! Save time on creating new projects and create space for what design teams actually need - more time to be creative!

distribution of workload overview

Plan time better

If you want to know where the team has invested their time, go to the team timesheet. It’s much easier to plan a project knowing how much time the team requires. And that’s how you’ll nail time estimation for your next project!

distibution of workload per team member

Distribute workload evenly

Prevent burnout from affecting your team and their productivity. Use the Workload feature to evenly balance the workload across all team members, considering their availability and capacity.

Some real-life feedback from our customers

For over a decade, more than 50,000 teams made Real Work happen with ActiveCollab.

"I'm managing 3 different company projects on ActiveCollab, with separate teams, for a total of almost 120 people involved, and it simply WORKS!"

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Philippe Oulhen

Marketing Manager @ Juan Yacht Design

"This is how ActiveCollab hooked me. For a fairly low price, I got a wonderful software solution for managing workflow and quickly organized a workspace with lots of projects and tasks. Finally, I was able to receive real-time statistics not only on the total time spent on each project but also on everything at once in the monthly dynamics of changes."

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Denys Osadchyi

Nerdfox Design

“With its consistent support, intuitive design, and ever-expanding capabilities, ActiveCollab is more than just a tool – it's a partner on our creative journey.”

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jo's büro

“Once I tried ActiveCollab, and to be honest, it was love at first click!”

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Dandify Design Studio

“With ActiveCollab we can now set up a project in 15 minutes max - hassle-free!”

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René Verkaart

Creative Director @ Stoere Binken Design

“ActiveCollab is easy to set up and one can start working on it right off the bat.”

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Nirav Dave

CTO & Co-founder @ Capsicum Mediaworks

“Since we started using ActiveCollab, we have run projects with ease and control.”

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Suleiman Leadbitter

Prroject manager @ Suljam

“What's great about ActiveCollab is we can share this whole scope gathering process with the client, as they have direct access to our ActiveCollab project.”

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R & W Media

“Long and confusing email threads are now a thing of the past as we can ask questions, comment, and sign off on projects in ActiveCollab.”

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