Using Too Many Tools Is Eating Your Budget

Using Too Many Tools Is Eating Your Budget

While too many tools can help you keep your project under control, they can also cause budget overruns. Stop spreading your energy and resources on multiple tools and go for a single project management tool. It will help you achieve much better value for money.

Quality management of your project’s scope, technologies and costs will determine how successful your project will be. Period. Without the right strategy and people who strive towards the same goal, the project is destined to fail.

In the sea of tools and apps, it’s hard to determine the ones that are essential for increasing your team’s efficiency. Through experience and observation, we’ve identified a few critical tools that helped our team struggle with daily challenges:

Time tracking

So many times, I’ve heard people complain about having a hard time dealing with multiple distractors and staying focused on real work. The problem is that they quickly lose track of how much they’ve accomplished during the day if they constantly get interrupted.

Getting your team to track their own time is not an easy task. But once they realize the value a time-tracking app brings to both their efficiency and business in general, they will embrace the idea. A time-tracking tool is a perfect way to schedule your time and know exactly how much time you’ve invested in a particular task.

File storage

Excellent communication is what connects people and creates the basis for a business to thrive. Unfortunately, much of the data and discussion that happens during a day gets frequently lost because it is mainly shared through communication channels like video chats, messaging, or emailing.

File storage app helps your team stay organized even at the most challenging times. It provides your organization with one centralized place where they can easily upload and share any data which brings communication flow to a whole new level. Also, it brings your files together where they are easy to find and safely stored. Your team no longer has to waste time tracking down work or worry about misplacing some files.


Once the project successfully reaches its final stage, it’s time to charge all the invested time and effort. Although it may seem that invoicing is operational work, in reality, it can take up a considerable chunk of a business owner’s time. Invoicing apps help your team create, send, and track invoices in a matter of seconds. It’s a win-win solution for both the client and the business owner benefit from it. It’s easier, faster, and most importantly, it’s safe.

Task management

No matter whether you are running a small-scale or a large-scale project, all your efforts will fall flat if you are unable to keep control of your workflow and stay organized at any given moment. Even if your team communicates on regular basis, the project will probably fail if you and your team lack good organizational skills.

Task management tool helps your team stay organized and get things done without causing unnecessary panic or frustration. It provides each member of the team with a personal dashboard where they can break tasks into separate subtasks, organize tasks into task lists and keep track of the current status of every individual task.

The good thing is that there are hundreds of tools easily available on the market that offer these solutions as well as the formula how to upscale your processes. The bad thing is that they eat up much of your budget.

In such case, you need to be realistic. Jumping from one tool to another will only drain the energy that you should otherwise be investing in real work. What you have is a project and what you need is a tool designed to manage it.

One tool to rule them all

ActiveCollab is a perfect substitute for several different tools such as task management, time tracker, and invoicing system. It not only saves money, but it also reduces the extensive time spent on shifting from one tool to another, therefore, making the workflow more efficient and the team more productive.

Effective budget management is a primary area of focus for any project managers who want their project to be a great success. At the end of the day, it’s all about learning how to organize all those moving pieces into one coherent place without spending an arm and a leg especially if you are working on multiple projects simultaneously.