Nov 30, 2020 Product Updates

A Brand New Look of My Work!

A Brand New Look of My Work!

For those of you new to ActiveCollab, a page within the app is dedicated to tasks assigned to you, your time records, and your activity - it's called My Work. You can use it to organize your day-to-day, and get a full insight into what you've been doing and what needs to be done.

For those who have been using ActiveCollab for months or years - we have great news!

We're very proud to present a brand new look of the "My Work" page. Here's a quick overview of the main changes:

  • Grouping your tasks by their due date
  • Collapse and expand projects and task groups
  • A brand new "Add" button
  • Availability records within My Work
  • My Work for Client+ roles
  • A refurbished look

Sort by due date

"At long last!" - you might say. We know! Finally, we got to turn your most sought-out feature request into reality. You can now sort out your tasks by project or their due date. At the top, you'll see all the overdue assignments, followed by those that need your attention today, then tomorrow, the rest of the week, and everything following the current week (“Upcoming”). At the very bottom of the list will be all those tasks assigned to you but lacking the due date.

You'll still be able to sort out your tasks by project, of course. Switch up the views whenever, as many times as you like. Let us know how's it all working out!

Collapse and expand task groups

We like to keep overviews nice and clean. And we know you don't need to look at all the work waiting for you all the time. So, we've made the lists collapsible! Hide what isn't burning at the moment and focus on one thing at a time.