Setting User Roles

By choosing a role and setting permissions, you can determine what a user can do or see in ActiveCollab.

Owner #

This is the person who created the ActiveCollab account and who can see everything. Choosing this role for others will give them access to:

  • Projects - see and manage all projects, and all parts of projects.
  • People - invite users and manage companies.
  • Invoices - create and manage all invoices.
  • Estimates - create and manage all estimates.
  • Reports - run all the reports.
  • System Settings - adjust the settings.
  • Managing Subscriptions - adjusting payment settings (for Cloud users only).

Member #

By default, this user can only see the projects they’re assigned to and add new things to those projects. You can also set additional permissions:

  • Start projects, manage people, and use reports.
  • Work with invoices and estimates.

Client #

Unlike members, clients can’t create tasks or have additional permissions. They can only:

  • See the projects they’re assigned to.
  • Comment on tasks, discussions, and notes.
  • Create new discussions and notes.
  • Upload files.

Client+ can create tasks as well as be an assignee. The role is available once you activate the add-on. (learn more)