ActiveCollab Is the Backbone of Our Work

ActiveCollab Is the Backbone of Our Work

Havelkadesign was created in Osijek (Croatia) by interior designer Jelena Havelka, who holds an MA in Interior Design diploma from the prestigious University of Westminster in London. 

Last year the company celebrated its first decade of successful work.

Our Story

The business adapted through the years. We started with personalized home interior projects, while currently, we are focusing on complex turn-key projects, which mostly specialized office interiors for IT companies. 

The studio has won several international awards, being the most important German Design Award for 2022 and European Property Awards in London for 2018.

The Power of ActiveCollab

To make the story more interesting, ActiveCollab came to us over a client while we were searching for an adequate solution to streamline our project processes. Once we started using it, it became our main tool for collaboration, information exchange, task management, and others. 

We felt the power of ActiveCollab when we were pushed (like many other businesses) toward home working with the start of the pandemic. We had to adapt, we closed our physical office in Osijek and started working from home. ActiveCollab helped in making the transition smooth and was one of the key factors in maintaining the quality of our work.

Breaking Into New Markets

At present, we are opening the Spanish market, and again, the ActiveCollab platform is the backbone of our workOpening a new market is an important long-term project for us and a normal step of growth of our business.

Havelkadesign has an ambitious plan of collaborating with a few international companies, as we strongly believe that joint ventures are the future of many businesses if they want to have an international presence. With all the new tools that the latest technology is providing, we can offer our services almost everywhere.