Two Years at Active Collab

How a simple support job turned out to be the best work experience of my life

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Today is exactly two years since I started working at Active Collab. Before that, I was an English teacher, a videographer, and an editor-in-chief for a TV show. But I’ve always been into technology and productivity, so taking a job at a PM software company seemed like an interesting direction — and, as it turned out later, a sum of all my talents and passions.

Have an idea? Nobody’s stopping you…

I started out as a customer support agent at Active Collab. One of the first things they asked me to do was to tell what I think about the app. I went a bit overboard and wrote a 60-page critique. It would probably get me fired in any other company (for the same reason you don’t criticize the choice of wardrobe on your first date). But the founders, Goran and Ilija, seemed to be genuinely interested.

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I realized there’s this great openness to new ideas in the company. One day I came around and said I’d like to do video tutorials with real people, and they said: “Great.” A bit later, I suggested we switch to Wistia to track viewer engagement. “Sure,” they said. Use a different service for webinars? “Why not.” Make support more approachable by switching to plain English? “Go ahead.” And so on.

There were absolutely no obstacles whenever I wanted to contribute, to learn —and to take responsibility. Suddenly I realized I wasn’t just doing customer support anymore, but also writing copy, teaching others English, shooting video, and doing market research. It was as if everything I was good at found its place in the company. And it wasn’t just me — everyone else that came on board has grown and developed at their own pace.

Our future

We’ve got a killer product on our hands and lots of stuff to do. We’re expanding our team with lots of new developers. And we’re going to get serious about agile development. Plus, there’s some other top secret stuff we’re not allowed to talk about yet.

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