Nov 24, 2017 Project Management

4 Reasons Why You Need a Project Management Tool

4 Reasons Why You Need a Project Management Tool
Do you feel like you’re wasting time, money and energy on repetitive tasks and manual data collection. Start saving right away by using a project management software that can help you centralize your collaboration, project and workload management, and hold your processes in line.

There’s much talk about company culture and team culture nowadays. Leaders and project managers put a lot of their energy and resources into encouraging their team members to work as a single unit with their minds set on the same ultimate goal - to deliver the best possible product.

But, building a real team culture isn’t all about creating the product that exceeds expectations. It's the ease of communication, good organization and overall efficiency that bring true value. They are the key to any successful project completion.

If there’s a communication noise in your team, it will almost surely trigger a domino effect. Bad communication leads to bad task delegation. Bad task delegation slows down the processes. The more complicated the processes, the more money you need.

Even if you take all the factors and possible scenarios into consideration and set some time aside to carefully plan every step of your project strategy, there’s no way you can predict all the things that can go wrong during the development.

To streamline the processes and keep your team in the loop, you need to invite them into one centralized platform where they will be able to have a clear overview of all their activities and communication across the team. This will not only help them manage their workload, but also simplify the way they work.

If you are still having second thoughts about investing in a project management, here are some of the essential benefits that will undoubtedly change your mind.

1. It brings all the information into one centralized hub

Once your team starts with the project, they soon become overwhelmed with the heavy workload they have to handle and the number of documents and files they need to share with the rest of the team. In such case, teams tend to use multiple tools because they think that should help them speed up the processes and minimize the possible issues. In reality, they end up jumping from one tool to another and soon reach a dead-end street.

By using one centralized hub, your team can easily share files with each other and keep all the valuable information safe and visible to everyone who is a part of a project. In this way, your team can keep their flow of thought uninterrupted and really focus on the real work.

2. It keeps the communication flow simple and straightforward

One of the things that can easily break the communication flow is lagging. Although emailing is still the most common way of communication, it is slow and inefficient. With ActiveCollab your team no longer has to check their inbox every second. Instead, they can comment directly on the task, provide feedback at any given moment and have discussions if some issues require an in-depth analysis. It streamlines the communication flow and most importantly keeps it safe in one single place.

3. It nurtures transparency across the team

Good team collaboration is built on transparency. If the processes and activities are not visible, it’s hard for the team members to keep track of every single stage they are working on. By making all the processes transparent, everybody who is involved in the project will have an insight into other people’s roles and responsibilities. This should help them organize more their tasks more efficiently and know what their next step is.

Also, it should give the senior staff a better view of who is doing what and at what time.

4. It saves money in the long run

Finally, by using one single platform to organize your tasks, collaborate with the rest of the team and track every stage of the project saves not only a lot of your time but money as well. In other words, by investing in a project management tool, you also invest both in your team culture and many future projects.

If you are still asking yourself if a project management system is worth the financial and learning curve investment, the answer is yes. A project management tool will make your projects run faster, smoother and help your team stay organized no matter how demanding the project is.

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