Jul 20, 2022 Customer Stories

Creating Value for Our Customers With ActiveCollab

Creating Value for Our Customers With ActiveCollab

In mid-2015, the Strategic Creativity duo, now co-founders, decided to venture into a business Pitch that resulted in the first client that made it possible for PULSO Agency to be born. Thanks to the diversity of talents, learning from projects, and client expectations, they have contributed to the agency's construction. As the challenges let us constantly evolve, humanizing the agency allows us to always keep in mind that "together we are more powerful."

The remote experience

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a great challenge. But seeing the glass half full, we were able to experience the new remote work culture as a family where each member is clear about their purpose, ensuring the well-being of all. In addition to the work's culture and process redesign, we find ActiveCollab a valuable ally for operational control.

As a multidisciplinary team with specific methodologies and tastes, we detected that at the time of co-creation, the experience was complicated since each one handled their tools. Since 2015 we have been testing several project management tools. However, during the Covid-19 pandemic, we needed to improve our digital communications and be more careful in managing and simply controlling projects. We saw that ActiveCollab would help us with the goal. As we got tool knowledge and empirical exploration, we gained more visibility and control, allowing us to become more efficient and continuously improve.

The day-to-day operations that ActiveCollab covers

In a word, it would be visibility. To this day, ActiveCollab is part of our operation, no matter the size of the project, the work team, or even the moment in which the projects are. At a glance, we can know where we stand, giving us control over making more accurate decisions, assigning tasks, and ensuring time commitment.

"One of the magical effects of organizing is confidence in your ability to make decisions" - Marie Kondo. We knew it wouldn't be easy, but the tech team took the initiative and led the project beyond empirical discovery. They studied the tool to match it with the general processes of the agency. In a practical workshop, they showed us through the tool how to improve our communication, implement creation and production processes, allocation of time per person, and budget management for the profitability of projects, all in a simple way.

ActiveCollab has allowed us to suspend production online by giving us visibility, detecting opportunities for improvement, humanizing the business, and making our services traditional. Thus, providing a great added value to our customers and reinforcing our differential.

Technological allies

In ActiveCollab, we have found a technological ally that has organically complemented our business. As an agency specialized in creating value through communication, we see the opportunity to extend it to our clients and professionals who seek to take control of their business. As an agency, we love badges or alliances, especially partnerships, and benefits from them as well as business growth for both. We'd love to be part of ActiveCollab's alliance program and help the community take control of their business.

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