Project Management Software for SEO Teams and Agencies

ActiveCollab enables you to simultaneously handle multiple projects with different workflows in various stages of completion. Organize your entire work, keep all communication under one roof and deliver exceptional client service with a single project management tool.

The Best Project Management Tool for SEO Campaigns

Project Management Software for SEO Teams and Agencies

SEO agency specialists work magic on the website to bring top results. Working in an SEO agency can be hectic, especially for managers. You must track SEO results, manage team members, monitor Google Updates, perform keyword research, and follow up with clients.

What’s it like to work in an SEO team?

SEO teams are comprised of various experts and specialists. Technical, Content, and Link building specialists - all working on different tasks to achieve results for numerous clients. Once the work on the website is done, it is regularly followed up with implementing optimization measures. Because of all this, SEO managers need a reliable system to help them stay on top of all the tasks and keep track of their work for their numerous clients.

How can ActiveCollab help?

Having the perspective of the team’s tasks will give you confidence during the decision-making process. ActiveCollab will take the weight of managing your work off of your shoulders, so you can focus on more important tasks such as delivering timely reports, monitoring consequences of implemented measures, performing keyword research, and monitoring turbulent Google Updates and innovations that can affect your KPIs. ActiveCollab is a user-friendly software based on an intuitive design, designed to help you in all stages of the optimization process and agency organization.

What does ActiveCollab offer?

You can use just one software for communication with clients, organizing your team's tasks, cooperating with dev teams, reporting, and issuing invoices. ActiveCollab has everything you need in one place. It helps you coordinate any project and stay on top of deadlines and team members’ activities. The right tool helps you avoid bottlenecks and view the project from a project manager's perspective.

If you need to issue invoices and track your project budget, you can do so with ActiveCollab. Unlike Trello and Basecamp, ActiveCollab is equipped with tools for time and expense tracking, workload management, and advanced reports. It’s the perfect solution for managing a project but also for gathering all the technical data on your project and facilitating communication with clients and teams involved in the implementation process.

ActiveCollab Helps You Work with Your Clients

Watching your clients’ businesses flourish as a result of your SEO efforts is truly rewarding! To meet your client's expectations, keep them in the loop every step of the way. One of the best things about ActiveCollab is that you can invite as many clients as you wish to your workspace free of charge. Your clients will know exactly what you are working on, and it will be easier for you to get their feedback through comments and discussions instead of writing endless email threads.

Working with Teammates

Working as a team always gives the best results. You can use a project management tool to work together and keep everyone up to date on the latest events. In ActiveCollab, you can leave comments on your tasks and discussions and chat with your team on multiple devices! No matter where you are when an urgent, unexpected event happens, you’ll know where to find your team. Personal Timesheets and Team Timesheets show the time records throughout the weeks. If you’re using Monday, you are missing out on Timesheets and the right tools for time analysis.

Advantages of Reporting and Invoicing

ActiveCollab allows you to issue invoices, something you cannot do with Asana and ClickUp. You can also issue an estimate to the client before you start working on the project. ActiveCollab has all the tools for reports you’ll ever need to get a complete picture of your team’s results. You can finally stop guesstimating and rely on your previous data when making solid predictions.

Sharing Files

ActiveCollab is great for sharing media files with your team and clients. You can add a file to a task, upload it to the project, or share it via Google Drive and Dropbox. Even when you’re on the go, you can share files with your team using Chat on the mobile app. The possibilities for streamlining your work with ActiveCollab are endless - even when you’re remote. Including everyone on your team on the project and reporting back to them has never been easier. Gathering all your data in one place is extremely useful. Especially when you can use all that data and share it through Looker studio to prepare the pitch presentations for your clients.

Why Choose ActiveCollab as SEO Project Management Software

Many tools are out there to help you perform the SEO magic on any page and site, but ActiveCollab is one of a kind! It offers features such as project budgeting, workload management, timesheet, and invoicing - that you won’t be able to find using Jira, for example. It will help you streamline your processes and manage your SEO projects in one place. It gives you everything you need to boost your performance, keep your work in one place, and create project boards that are easy to share with others. It will overall boost your productivity and meet your agency’s needs. Plus, it’s affordable for small marketing agencies and SEO teams! ActiveCollab is more affordable than Wrike and Jira, offering a wide range of features for you to use. Don’t take our word for it - try it out now by making a free trial and see for yourself!

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  • Plan and Organize Your Work

    Create your favorite workflow or prepare a project template to fit the different requirements set by all your clients.

  • Communicate and collaborate

    Invite an unlimited number of clients to ActiveCollab, keep all project communication centralized, and stop searching for important information across multiple email threads.

  • Track and measure all time and efforts

    Track time on all tasks and projects and measure them against your estimates and pre-defined project budgets.

  • Get paid for your work

    Use the invoice designer to create custom invoices or issue invoices for billable time records directly in ActiveCollab

Frequently Asked Questions

This is why SEO teams and thousands of other businesses love ActiveCollab
  • What struck me was the simplicity of it. I had always thought the whole point of a project management tool was to make it easier to manage a project. But it seemed like a lot of them did anything but. ActiveCollab is different.

    Izaak Crook

    Digital Marketing Executive @ AppInstitute

  • I no longer have to spend 80 hours a week on data crunching and life is good. As for our company, we can now deliver real value to our clients thanks to our leaner workflow.

    David Robertson

    Owner & Project Manager @ Premium IT Solutions

  • With ActiveCollab, I can easily check what happened the day before and get the clear picture of what is happening in the company. What’s more, ActiveCollab helps me each day and keeps me regularly updated, in real time.

    Grant Phillips

    CEO @ Growth Labs Marketing

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