ActiveCollab is not a Monday Alternative

It's the right way to get your Real Work done.

These are the additional features you're getting with ActiveCollab:

  • Multiple Task Views

    ActiveCollab has several different view options, so you can choose and switch whichever works best for your method of work:
    1) A list view that gives you an overview of all your tasks;
    2) The column view works as a Kanban board, so you can move your tasks like cards;
    3) A timeline view, where you can see your tasks in relation to time.

  • Invoicing

    Create all your invoices directly in ActiveCollab. Customize their look, track their status, send overdue reminders, and set up recurring invoicing for regular clients.

  • Task Dependencies

    Set parent-child task dependencies for even greater control over your work, ensuring that tasks will be done in the desired order and according to plan.

  • Automate Your Busy Work

    Use recurring tasks and batch editing to automate your task management and make more time for Real Work.

Gain complete control over your work.

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Advanced Task Management Task dependencies, recurring tasks, etc.
Multiple Task Views List view, timeline view, kanban view
Project Budgeting Track project budgets and control your costs.
Time and Expense Tracking Measure precisely how much time and money your team is spending on each task.
Invoicing Create invoices in under a minute using tracked time.
Client Management Invite your clients to your workspace and deliver exceptional client service.
Self-Hosting Host software on your own server and be in control of your data security and privacy.
"ActiveCollab truly saved the day, and I was honestly blown away by how easily it integrated into my process."
Andrew Folts
Owner @ Sherpa Design Co.

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