Active Collab is the best agile JIRA alternative

Looking for an agile Jira alternative? Active Collab is a project management tool that, unlike JIRA, lets you be truly agile.

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What’s wrong with JIRA

JIRA is too complex

When you first start using JIRA, everything is difficult. It takes an enormous amount of time and effort to learn how to use and customize it.

The overhead of getting it up and running is huge. There are too many options and they're all hidden in unintuitive places. To make things worse, the documentation is awful so finding how to do something can take a whole day.

JIRA is anti-agile

Because JIRA is so customizable, it quickly becomes a bureaucratic prison. It's easier to ask someone about an issue in person than creating it in JIRA and waiting for a response. That’s why JIRA ends up counterproductive for everyone except high-level managers - and even they have trouble with it.

JIRA is only for developers

JIRA Software is made for developers to help them track bugs. But if you try to get business people to use it (the ones who actually report bugs), they just give up and send an email to a developer, which defeats the purpose of having a project management tool in the first place.

You have to pay extra for add-ons

On top everything, the core JIRA comes without some vital features (which you have to pay extra). If you want a Gantt chart, you need to pay for an add-on. Same with time tracking and invoicing.

After a few months of using JIRA, you end up searching for an alternative. Why? Because you end up less agile than when you first started using JIRA.

Why Active Collab is the best alternative to JIRA

Active Collab is like JIRA, only much simpler (plus, it has some features JIRA doesn't)

JIRA alternative that's simple


It takes a minute at most to find what even the most obscure feature you need.

JIRA alternative that is powerful


Managers can get a high-level multi-project overview any time they need.

JIRA alternative that comes with extra features

Extra features

You get time tracking, invoicing, resource management, timelines, budgeting, and more.

JIRA alternative that everyone can use


You can use Active Collab for all projects, not just bug tracking.

JIRA alternative that feels goods to use

Feels good

Moving tasks is incredibly addictive and helps you literally see project progress.

JIRA alternative that that makes teams collaborate better

Builds friendships

Your business team and developers will collaborate better.

JIRA alternative with Kanban


Move tasks across columns like cards on a Kanban boards.

Truly agile JIRA alternative

Truly agile

There is no prescribed workflow to follow. Instead, you adjust it to your needs.

Active Collab vs JIRA

A side-by-side feature comparison table


Task Management

Organize tasks into task lists that fit your workflow.


Team Collaboration

Collaborate with your team using comments and discussions.



See who works on what, what’s running late, and more.


Time Tracking

Track how much you work and add time records per task.



Issue invoices to clients based on tracked time.



Track expenses and see how much of the budget you've spent.


Gantt-like Timeline

See all tasks and deadlines on a timeline so you can plan better.


Client Permissions

Control which tasks, discussions, and files clients can see on a project.


Flexible Task Management

See your tasks on a list, a Kanban board, or as a Gantt-like timeline.


Free Add-ons

Integration with other services like Slack, Dropbox, QuickBooks, and more.



Host Active Collab on your server, own all data, and pay only once.


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Can I still track bugs/issues with Active Collab?

Absolutely! Active Collab is methodology-agnostic, which means you can use for everything, from tracking bugs for your developers to keeping to-dos for your marketing team.

You can learn more about how to set up an agile workflow with Active Collab in our free ebook “Kanban - A Quick and Easy Guide to Kickstart Your Project”.

Can I self-host Active Collab?

If you're used to self-hosting JIRA, you can do the same with Active Collab as a self-hosted JIRA alternative. Even a small team can run Active Collab on their own hardware for a very reasonable price.

Self-hosted Active Collab costs just $999 and you have NO LIMITATION to how many people can use it. You pay a flat one-time fee and that's it.

Why companies prefer Active Collab over JIRA
as a project management solution

★★★★★ Using Active Collab is amazing

by Dilek Coskun, Project Manager at Tursan

“I've used many project management tool. Basecamp, JIRA, Teamwork... but Active Collab is fast, simple, and hassle free. Our team knows what they have to do, when it must be done, and who needs to do it. Plus, the support is very attentive.”

★★★★★ Great PM tool from a progressive company

By Blade Mages, Founder at 502 Media Group

“When we came to Active Collab, we found it to be almost tailored to our exact needs. JIRA is more robust, but it's missing things. Active Collab is the perfect blend of features and price.”

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