Working with Clients

Working with Clients

ActiveCollab is great for working with clients. From estimate to project to invoice - you’ll be able to involve your clients every step of the way.

Inviting Clients

You can invite new or existing clients when creating a new project:

  • Open Projects.
  • Click +Start a New Project and enter the project details.
  • Enter a Client Company name to set who the project is for.
  • Enable Tracking if you plan to log time or expenses (learn more).
  • Click Create Project.
  • Enter the client's email and click Send Invitations.
  • The client will then receive this email:

The client will then receive this email:

Working on Projects

After you invite a client, they’ll be able to access all parts of a project:

  • Tasks - access tasks and comment on them.
  • Discussions - start new discussions and comment on existing ones.
  • Files - access, download and upload files.
  • Notes - create and manage notes.
  • Activity - list of activities.

You can also hide a task, discussion, file or note from a client:

  • Open to the desired item.
  • Check the box Hidden from clients.

After the work is done, you’ll be able to issue invoices to your clients based on the tracked time and expenses (learn more).

Giving More Power to Clients

If you activate the Client+ add-on (learn more) and assign the new role, clients will be able create tasks and you'll be able to assign tasks to them.

They still won’t be able to see hidden tasks and other items in ActiveCollab.

This is for people who want to give more control to their clients so they can, for example, set new tasks themselves (instead of emailing the project manager and asking to fix an issue). You can also assign a task to your clients when you can’t continue without their input (for example).


Each Client+ user takes up a seat in your cloud plan, just like the Owner and Member roles. So if you’re on 5 member cloud plan and have 2 available seats, once you give a client the Client+ role, you’ll only have 1 seat left.