The calendar gives you an overview of when something needs to be done. If you set a due date on a task (or a start and end date for a task list) it’ll appear on the calendar automatically. ActiveCollab also lets you create custom calendars and add events that don’t belong to any of the projects.

Creating a Custom Calendar

  • Open the Calendars dropdown menu,
  • Click +New Calendar,
  • Enter a name,
  • Choose a color for the calendar's events,
  • Set who can see the calendar.

Adding Events

  • Click on the desired date,
  • Enter a name,
  • Select a calendar,
  • Click Edit date, time and repeats to set the event duration or a repeat interval,
  • Choose who to notify,
  • Write an optional note.

After adding an event, you can:

  • Edit the event by clicking in on it and entering new information.
  • Reschedule the event by dragging and dropping it to the desired date.
  • Delete the event by opening it and clicking the trash icon.

Viewing Calendars

To choose which custom calendar events and projects to display, open the Calendars dropdown menu. Select which calendars to show/hide by clicking on the checkboxes.

For your project calendars, you can also choose to show:

Exporting Calendar Feeds

ActiveCollab lets you synchronize your calendar and project dates to Google Calendar, OS X Calendar, Outlook, and other similar application that supports iCalendar feeds.

You'll need to import each project separately. To import a project and see task and task lists dates in your favorite calendar app:

  • Open a project,
  • Click Project Info in the upper right corner,
  • Under Calendar URL, click Subscription link,
  • Paste the URL in your calendar app.

To import ActiveCollab's custom calendars and events:

  • Open the Calendars dropdown menu,
  • Click Edit next to the calendar name,
  • Click iCal subscription,
  • Click the Subscription link, which you can paste in your calendar app.

The exported calendar feed is read-only, which means you’ll only be able to add events in ActiveCollab, but not in your calendar app. Also, the refresh interval in Google Calendar is about 24 hours, so items may not appear immediately after adding them.

Calendars and Labels

The calendar show Project labels and the color shown is the color of the project label. By default that color is blue, if you wish to change it, you should go to System Settings > Edit Project Settings > Project Labels and change the color of the Project label and save.