ActiveCollab Helps Power Our Collaborative Copywriting

ActiveCollab Helps Power Our Collaborative Copywriting

At, we are heavily invested in the creation of story-based copywriting. We believe everyone has a story, and every story deserves to be well told. We use our trade skills to forge high-quality words that work.

Our Story

My name is Anita. I’m the Founder and Lead Wordsmith at Anita Lovett & Associates. In 2014, I was discouraged by the fast food, assembly-line approach large copywriting businesses promote. It was designed to maximize profits, and while it had merit, it hindered endgame customization and value. I wanted to construct a digital content creation approach focused on brand-specific tailoring and exceptional quality.

From day one, the mission was to ditch the fast-food approach and nurture strong collaboration. Since then, we’ve worked on hundreds of projects to collaboratively forge fully customized content made to brand both organically and authentically.

Our collaborative approach did, however, present a challenge. How do you foster exceptional two-way communication with exceptionally busy professionals?

Enter ActiveCollab

In 2015, we introduced our Project Hub powered by ActiveCollab. It was a game changer.

ActiveCollab’s project management software gave us the edge we needed to sustain seamless digital collaboration. We could map and refine our internal processes while simultaneously creating a centralized digital office space that doubled as our team and client communications depot.

We are a deadline-driven team. ActiveCollab is a powerful tool for organizing our day-to-day operations, as it integrates with our regularly used external apps, such as emails and calendars. We can create workflows that keep us on point as we customize our creative approach per project. We can also easily track and review overall project activity, empowering us to improve our best processes and better manage our resources.

We Can’t Imagine a Day Without ActiveCollab

Before ActiveCollab, we used a combination of email, live chat, and forums. It became a lot of logins and screens to track. Thanks to ActiveCollab, our productivity doubled overnight just by centralizing everything.

Bonus: Our stress levels dropped overnight, too!

As a team, it’s great to have access to the essential elements of a project—tasks, deadlines, estimates, invoices, notes, etc.—all in one place. We can track back-and-forth communication without digging through multiple chat programs and email inboxes.

When working with our clients, ActiveCollab helps us drive collaboration. It keeps everything from brainstorming sessions and spontaneous ideas to ongoing project work organized and accessible—no matter where we (or our clients) live and work.

ActiveCollab’s add-ons also keep us versatile and efficient. We can easily import from many organizational tools our clients already use, like Asana, Basecamp, and Trello.

Our Team’s Future

We think of ActiveCollab as a member of the team. We’ve worked together for seven years; seeing them constantly evolve is fantastic. It’s an asset to have project management software that continually works to improve and expand.

At Anita Lovett & Associates, our passion is our compass; it keeps us successful.

Like many small teams, we struggled to balance work and life during the pandemic. As we regain footing, we plan to keep bringing our passion for words to every project we touch. Together with our clients and ActiveCollab, we will continue to forge words that work, tell stories that matter, and help create unforgettable written presences.