ActiveCollab is a superior Asana alternative

When you need more than just simple task management, ActiveCollab is the right choice. It’s way more powerful than Asana while simple enough that your whole team can use it easily.

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The main reasons why companies prefer ActiveCollab over Asana as a project management solution

Asana alternative with more features

More features

Collaborate, manage projects, get reports, track time, and issue invoices using just one app.

Asana alternative with easy client collaboration

Easy client collaboration

Invite clients directly to a project so you don’t have to waste time on status reports.

Asana alternative that's more efficient

Super efficient

ActiveCollab loads 3x faster than Asana and provides more bang for your buck.

Asana was so simple that our discussions constantly got off track
On the other hand, ActiveCollab is wonderfully simple and powerful. I liked ActiveCollab enough to purchase. Updates have been regular and improvements have come quickly.

Alex Vasquez
Co-Founder at DigiSavvy
A digital creative agency

For more than 10 years, we've been trusted by over 200,000 people

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ActiveCollab vs Asana

A side-by-side feature comparison table


Task Management

Organize tasks into task lists that fit your workflow.


Team Collaboration

Collaborate with your team using comments and discussions.


Project Reports

See who’s been working on what, what’s running late, and more.


Time & Expenses Tracking

Track how much you work and control the project budget.



Issue invoices to clients based on tracked time.


Gantt-like Timeline

See all tasks and deadlines on a timeline so you can plan better.


Client Collaboration

Invite clients to projects so you can collaborate in one place.


Flexible Task Management

See your tasks on a list, a Kanban board, or as a Gantt-like timeline.



Install ActiveCollab as a self-hosted Asana alternative on your server.

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Basecamp alternative
Try ActiveCollab, import your Asana data, and start being more productive.


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