ActiveCollab is not a Wrike Alternative

It's the right way to get your work done.

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Top features that make ActiveCollab a perfect Wrike alternative:

Templates & Automation

Use task and project templates, recurring tasks and batch editing to automate your task management and make more time for Real Work.

Multiple Task Views

Advanced task management features, sub-tasks, and multiple task views allow you to structure and organize your work however you need.

Personal Overview

ActiveCollab helps your team keep track of their updates, open tasks, logged time, and project activity - all in a single view.

Advanced Task Management Task dependencies, recurring tasks, batch editing, etc.
Multiple Task Views List view, timeline view, kanban view
Workload Management Timeline with daily capacities and availability for all people on all projects
Project Budgeting and Expenses Track project budgets and control your costs.
Time and Expense Tracking Measure precisely how much time and money your team is spending on each task.
Invoicing Create invoices in under a minute using tracked time.
Client Management Invite your clients to your workspace and deliver exceptional client servce
Self-hosting Host software on your own server and be in control of your data security and privacy.
"Since we are a fast moving team and everyone works in a different time zone, ActiveCollab helps us not to lose track. We love how ActiveCollab is easy to learn and use, which saves us time during the introductory training."
Feli and Marcus
Founders @ DNX Global

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Shared workspace with clients

Improve communication with your clients, invite them to ActiveCollab, share your work in real time and always stay on track.

Time & Expense Tracking

Track your time exactly where you're doing the work using the built-in ActiveCollab Stopwatch and integrated time tracking features.


Track billable hours across all tasks and projects, set up a payment gateway for your clients and send invoices directly from ActiveCollab.

If you're looking to improve your client work, ActiveCollab is definitely the perfect Wrike alternative.

Import your Wrike projects into ActiveCollab and pick up where you left off.

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