Active Collab is a superior Teamwork alternative

Active Collab and Teamwork Projects are very similar when it comes to features. But what separates them is the design - in Active Collab, everything flows better and work is easier. Active Collab just feels better.

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Active Collab vs Teamwork Projects

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Task Management

Organize tasks into task lists that fit your workflow.


Team Collaboration

Collaborate with your team using comments and discussions.



See who’s been working on what, what’s running late, and more.


Time Tracking

Track how much you work and control the project budget.



Issue invoices to clients based on tracked time.


Invoice Designer

Have greater control over how you want invoices to look like.



Track expenses and see how much of the budget you've spent.


Client Collaboration

Invite clients to projects so you can collaborate in one place.



See your tasks on a Kanban board and move them like cards across columns.


Flexible Task Management

See your tasks on a list, a Kanban board, or as a Gantt-like timeline.



Host Active Collab on your server, own all data, and pay only once.


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The main reasons why companies prefer Active Collab over Teamwork Projects as a project management solution

Teamwork Projects alternative with more features

Easier to use

Teams and clients feel better when they use Active Collab.

Teamwork Projects alternative with easy client collaboration

Better invoicing

You can control how invoices look and run budget reports.

Teamwork Projects alternative that's more efficient

Client collaboration

There's a special role so you can work better with your clients.

We didn’t have any troubles getting clients, freelancers, and our in-house team to use Active Collab. Active Collab has made projects more fun to work on, which I believe has ultimately created better results and provided real value to our clients in the long run.

Suleiman Leadbitter
Co-partner at Suljam
A digital creative agency

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Why choose Active Collab

See why over 200,000 people are using Active Collab

Organize your work

Breakdown your work into to-dos, keep them organized in lists/columns, and move tasks as you work.

Collaborate with your team

Get feedback on important activities, communicate progress, and keep everyone on the same page.

Keep using your favorite tools

Active Collab can pull information from other apps so your team can keep using their favorite tools.

Stay up-to-date

See what needs your attention at a glance and never miss something important.

Track time on tasks

Active Collab’s desktop Timer app lets your team conveniantly track time on their tasks.

Bill in under a minute

Issue invoices based on tracked time and send them to clients for quick and easy payment.

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