Project Management for SEO Teams and Agencies

ActiveCollab enables you to simultaneously handle multiple projects with different workflows in various stages of completion. Organize your entire work, keep all communication under one roof and deliver exceptional client service with a single project management tool.

  • Plan and Organize Your Work

    Create your favorite workflow or prepare a project template to fit the different requirements set by all your clients.

  • Communicate and collaborate

    Invite an unlimited number of clients to ActiveCollab, keep all project communication centralized, and stop searching for important information across multiple email threads.

  • Track and measure all time and efforts

    Track time on all tasks and projects and measure them against your estimates and pre-defined project budgets.

  • Get paid for your work

    Use the invoice designer to create custom invoices or issue invoices for billable time records directly in ActiveCollab

This is why SEO teams and thousands of other businesses love ActiveCollab
  • What struck me was the simplicity of it. I had always thought the whole point of a project management tool was to make it easier to manage a project. But it seemed like a lot of them did anything but. ActiveCollab is different.

    Izaak Crook

    Digital Marketing Executive @ AppInstitute

  • I no longer have to spend 80 hours a week on data crunching and life is good. As for our company, we can now deliver real value to our clients thanks to our leaner workflow.

    David Robertson

    Owner & Project Manager @ Premium IT Solutions

  • With ActiveCollab, I can easily check what happened the day before and get the clear picture of what is happening in the company. What’s more, ActiveCollab helps me each day and keeps me regularly updated, in real time.

    Grant Phillips

    CEO @ Growth Labs Marketing