Feature Release

See all improvements and features that are now a part of ActiveCollab.

Apply Templates

Add templates to your existing projects and automate all your processes. Create smaller templates that you can use as pieces of a puzzle for all your projects.

In-App Chat on Mobile

Communication with your team using one app, wherever you are, on any device.

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Filtering and Sorting Completed Projects

Filter out your completed projects by client, category, label, or project lead. You can also sort them out by their completion date or storage space.

Projects Page Makeover

Group projects, use new types of sorting, and filter by multiple criteria of the same type.

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In-App Chat

Send a direct message to your colleagues, or entire teams, without leaving ActiveCollab.

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Workload for Past Months

Review your team's workload for up to two months in the past.

New Mobile App

Download the new Mobile App and keep the ActiveCollab essentials in your pocket!

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We’ve updated and refreshed the translation of our platform so that you can work comfortably in your native language. Or learn a new one more thoroughly!

Default Visibility for Clients

Now you can set your project's content to be 'Hidden from Clients' by default.

Task Dependencies

Search for an existing task through a sorted list or create a new task on the spot.

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New Mention Types

Easily mention a whole team, everyone on a project, task assignee, project leader, and more.

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Quick Task Editing

Use the three-dot menu to edit tasks without the need to open them. Available in the List and Column project view.

Text Editor

Smarter bullet points, text formatting, markdown-inspired text editor macros, and other enhancements will enrich your comments, tasks, discussions, and notes.

Activity Navigation

Browse activities by day, week, or month.

Browser Notifications

Receive notifications on your desktop as soon as updates happen.

QR Code for Invoices

Now you can add a QR code to your invoices.

All New My Work

Group your tasks by their due date, collapse and expand projects and task groups, and more - enjoy the new look of My Work!

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Live Notifications

The notification bell is now faster than ever! Get notified about updates as soon as they happen.

Budget Alerts

Set up an alert, and the system will notify you when the specified percentages of the budget’s spent amount are reached.

Availability Visible in the Date Picker

When setting up a due date for a task, weekends and holidays can’t be selected. If the assignee took days off, the period can be selected but will be marked red.

New Column View

Faster loading time, real-time changes, and a Completed Tasks column. Drag and drop your tasks to complete or reopen them.

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Project Stopwatch

Track your time directly on a project as a whole, rather than on specific tasks.

Target Budget

Now available for the Time and Expenses type of project. Set a Target Budget and keep an eye on how much of it is spent.

Fixed Price and Non-Billable Projects

Charge only the price agreed upon while using time and expenses to keep an eye on project profitability. Or mark projects as Non-Billable and track costs only.

Duplicate Task Lists

Need to do the same tasks again? You can now duplicate your task lists in just a couple of clicks.

Stopwatches on Timesheet

Start and pause stopwatches directly on your timesheet.

Mark Projects and Tasks as Billable

Decide what's billable and what's non-billable on a project or task level. Make sure that billable hours don't slip through your fingers.

Project Profitability

Make sure you’re always aware of your project costs! Calculations based on tracked time and internal hourly rates are neatly summed up in the Project Info.

Personal Timesheet

New version of personal timesheet will clearly display all your tasks for the current week and enable you to easily enter time records for those tasks.

Project Cost

Make sure you’re always aware of your project costs! Now they’re neatly summed up in the Project Info.

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Team Timesheet

The Team timesheet offers a quick overview of where your team’s time has been invested.

Collapse Sidebar

Click on the arrow icon in the lower left corner to collapse the sidebar and gain even more space for your work

Brand New Time Report

The Time report went through a major reconstruction! A couple of new tricks, such as data grouping and summation, have been added. Now you can bookmark reports that you use often, or share them with other team members.

Convert Projects to Templates

Save your projects and use them as templates. Spend your time on work that really matters!

QuickBooks Upgrade

QuickBooks integration uses their latest authorization system.

Timeline Improvements

Project timelines show full dependency chains in open task lists and can be zoomed out to provide better overview.

Workload for Future Months

Plan and manage your team's workload up to a full year in the future.

Completed Tasks in Lists

Your completed tasks are now neatly tucked below each task list. Three of the most recent ones are shown by default, giving a better overview of the work progress you're making.

ActiveCollab Stopwatch

Track time directly in ActiveCollab with the built-in Stopwatch feature.

ActiveCollab Workload

A birds-eye view of all your projects and real-time status of your team's daily availability and capacity.


You and your team can now add availability records. This way you'll always know who's available or not, when, and for how long.

Non-Working Days

Specify company-wide non-working days, like national holidays, company retreats, etc. ActiveCollab will use that information to help out with scheduling.

Task Dependencies in Project Templates

Automate your workflow even further with task dependencies in project templates.

Time Estimates in Project Templates

Specify how much time each task should take in project templates, and have that value set when projects are created from templates.

Timeline Export

Export the timeline into pdf or png so you can share, print, use it in presentations, etc.

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Improved Move/Copy Permissions

More people can move items between projects, which reduces friction for teams that use multi-project workflows.

Additional Recurring Task Intervals

You'll have more control over task scheduling and planning with additional recurring task intervals - 3/6/12 months and 2 weeks.

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Neon Theme

Give your eyes a bit of relief by choosing the Neon Theme in your preferences.

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Duplicate Project Templates

Duplicate existing project templates without having to start all over if you just need to make minor adjustments.

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App Redesign

Dozens of visual tweaks and usability refinements which make the app easier to use. And prettier. :)

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Task Dependencies

Set dependencies between tasks to clearly communicate execution order.

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Automatic Rescheduling

When one task needs to be rescheduled, you can also automatically reschedule all dependent activities.

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Themes & Customization

Customization options evolved to the next level, with several new themes to choose from and complement your work style preferences.

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Improved Attachment Navigation

Navigate through your attachments by using the left and right arrow keys, or by clicking the left and right icons with your mouse.

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Live Comments

See when your colleagues and clients are typing, and have their comments appear instantly when they are sent.

Task Input Protection

System warns users if they are closing non-empty task forms, making accidental input loss less likely to happen.

More Languages

ActiveCollab is now available in 20 languages! Latest additions are Japanese, Romanian and Slovak.

Default Job Type

ActiveCollab remembers which job type people are using to track time, and selects it automatically.

ActiveCollab Reactions

See something you like? Punch the like button. Don't like what you see? Give it a thumb down.

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Since Your Last Visit

Never miss comments that have been posted since your last visit to a task or a discussion.

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ActiveCollab Subscription Page

Easily access your ActiveCollab subscription details in one place, including all you invoices.

Desktop App (Beta)

Run ActiveCollab as an app on your Mac or Windows computer.

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Sample Projects

There are many ways to use ActiveCollab. Check out Sample Projects to get inspired.

Better Search

Search is faster, and offers more filtering and sorting options.

Asana Importer

Import your Asana projects into ActiveCollab and continue with your Real Work.

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Live Support

Contact tech or customer support directly from the app, in just one click.

Paste Images from Clipboard

Copy images and paste them directly into a text field when you are adding tasks, writing comments, etc.

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