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January 16. 2024

ActiveCollab 8.0: Improved Project Timesheet

The enhanced grid will allow quick inline changes, batch editing, and filtering of time records. The grid will also show summed-up daily time records.

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December 13. 2023

ActiveCollab 8.0: Enhanced In-app Stopwatch

Set off the Stopwatch and start tracking time without selecting a specific task. Add notes to your time records even before uploading them.

November 14. 2023

Two-Factor Authentication

You can now enable Two-Factor Authentication to protect your ActiveCollab account from unauthorized access.

September 18. 2023

ActiveCollab 8.0: Custom Daily Capacity

Set up custom work days and daily capacities for each team member so that you can schedule the workload based on their availability.

September 10. 2023

ActiveCollab 8.0: Job Types per User

Narrow down the possibilities of time-tracking errors by establishing which job types apply to which employee.

September 1. 2023

Recurring Tasks on Workload

View your teams' upcoming recurring tasks on the Workload board and plan your schedule weeks ahead. The user's daily capacity will take into account the task's estimated time.

August 30. 2023

ActiveCollab 8.0: Notebooks

Group your notes in folder-like notebooks to keep all the relevant information on a topic in one place.

August 8. 2023

ActiveCollab 8.0: Recurring Task Variables

Add dates, weekdays, or other variables to your recurring tasks so you can differentiate them when they're created. Define the information you need and let ActiveCollab do the rest.

June 27. 2023

ActiveCollab 8.0: Pin Discussion to Top

Sort your discussions, watch them update in real time, and pin the most important ones to the top of the list.

June 14. 2023

ActiveCollab 8.0: Task Labels

Define new labels before using them on tasks and enjoy a better interface with real-time updates.

June 5. 2023

Project Budget Intervals

Set the budget for weekly, monthly, or yearly intervals on each project. Receive a budget report at the end of each interval to stay on top of your finances.

April 13. 2023

ActiveCollab 8.0: Improved Search

The updated search interface lets you look for everything everywhere by term, whether you use a keyboard shortcut or click the Search icon. Search by ID within the current project, or quickly jump to a project or a shortcut.

December 5. 2022

ActiveCollab 8.0: Time Widget on List View

You'll see at a glance the tracked time on tasks and how it compares to the estimated time in green, yellow, and red.

October 13, 2022

Projects Page Makeover

Group projects, use new types of sorting, and filter by multiple criteria of the same type.

February 28, 2022

Apply Templates

Add templates to your existing projects and automate all your processes. Create smaller templates that you can use as pieces of a puzzle for all your projects.